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Mustard Club. August 11, 2012. Mecklenberg Gardens. Cincinnati.

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August 11, 2012. Cincinnati OH. Mecklenberg Gardens. Mustard Club. You just must try it! Criptographics. flefoto

August 11, 2012. Cincinnati OH. Mecklenberg Gardens. Mustard Club. CB and fle. Criptographics. flefoto. See my bib? Finally caved in to my messy eating habits.

Meine Damen und Herren,

This is a reminder that we will be holding our monthly “meeting” this Saturday, August 11th, at Mecklenburg Gardens (302 East University Avenue) beginning at 11 A.M.  Come share in the excellent German beverages, the Weisswurst / mustard buffet, and the Geműtlichkeit!

Please note that our unique Rubber Boot Kicking Competition has been moved from our August meeting to our October meeting.  More details will be provided in future monthly e-mails.

At this month’s meeting we will have a fresh batch of Mustard Club shirts available,  This is the fourth regular edition of our T-shirts, and they feature an exciting new design!  First come, first served!

Also coming up are Germania’s Oktoberfest the weekend of August 24-26 and Liberty Home’s Oktoberfest on the weekend of August 31 to September 2.  More details will be available at this weekend’s Mustard Club.

As always, to see a full calendar of other events at local German-American societies, you can visit the German-American Citizens League website ( ) and click on “Yearly calendar of events.”

Bis Samstag!

Händlmaier’s Freunde Cincinnati e.V.

CB and I went down and, wow, what mustard – 5 or 6 different kinds. And double wow what sausages – 5 or 6 different kinds. Who’d a thought I’d become a mustard connoisseur? Magic happens every day, folks.
If you live in the Cincinnati area, and like mustard and/or sausages and/or gourmet hotdogs and accoutrements, I urge you to get down to Mecklenburg Gardens by ten or ten-thirty in the morning. Membership is one euro a year.

August 11, 2012. Cincinnati OH. Mecklenberg Gardens. Mustard Club. CB and fle. Criptrographics. flefoto

Not so many bugs in the grapevine-covered patio at Mecklenburg Gardens and, I’m told, those that are are most nutritious. Right, Bob? Criptrographics. flefoto


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August 25, 2012 at 2:27 am

20120530 Wee-Willie the Traveler joins the parade of loved-ones past my big ole chair where I sit even as I write

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Refreshments, anyone? Wet your whistle, sir or madam? Kelley danced as only she can, head flung back, apron flying above her waist as she whirled and twirled her way out of the Lunch Bunch jungle on a winter’s day in Kettering Ohio. For pennies. For dimes. For quarters and and semi dollars. For isn’t half the fun, or more, in the giving of ourselves, our money and, yes, ofttimes our anger? How lovely as they celebrate around frankly who appears to wear his new death mask. (flefoto. 120202. Golden Corral Buffet. Kettering OH)

I am one lucky sunuvagun. Since my induction into the elite of the Cincinnati Hospice program, I have made an effort to get in touch with as many old and new friends, relatives and others in an amazingly wide variety of people I’ve come to love and like and respect over the decades.

Thank you all.

Monday and Tuesday Don Mc Ghee, my blues buddy of the past twenty years, stopped by on his way home from the St. Louis blues festival orwith his helper and friend Mary Z.

Mary Z, “If you’ll just punch this button and look over here in this corner for this other selection, select your photo/s and designate them all “tags,” you’ve got it made. Jot down “tags” and you create a wildly powerly instrument, summoning every “tag” within twenty blocks to your standup hard drive; I advise you have a bucket of water on standby to keep it cool and prevent permanent damage to your computer.
See, that’s not so hard, now is it?
Your turn, Don. Don? Don? Damned, looks like I shoulda tied him up while he waited….er… to make damned sure he waited. (flefoto. fle. May 2012 Criptographics)

That was Monday and Tuesday. Seemed like we didn’t even get started talking about “stuff” afore they had to climb back into their van to head back to Detroit. But not before Mary took me in hand to teach me to “tag” my few tens of thousands of photos so that I can easily locate them (most of them/some of them/a few of them) for the likes of my blog. Don has finally gotten his own photo webpage up and running. You might wanna set down ‘n’ visit fer a spell.

(Criptographics ©2012) Don the Blues Guy; Mary Z the blues guy in training (out of sight to the right right there); CB the caregiver to the other blues guy in training from long ago and a distant planet. Had we made available to the public the visual materials we saw that day, I’ve not the singles doubt in my mind that most of us would still —- today — even — harangued to our hanging by the petty victorian policies of Planet Earth.

Problem is i need em back here already; I’ve forgotten half the stuff she taught me. Now I gotta wait for my daughter to try the same lessons all over again.

Everytime I see Willie I’m reminded of the dozens of  Scrabble (copyright til you die) trips CB and I have been making every year of our lives. Makes me sad is what it does and not as sas as poor CB gets because she must serve double duty as my caregiver which has got to be as tough as coal mining.

There are pools (betting) cropping up over several parts of the United States, a debate over what is under that cellphone under Wee-Willie’s left hand? What kind of sizzling secret do we seek to uncover? Willie spent Wednesday over here and I’m glad she did. Today, 3 days later, she’s in Vermont again. Look closely at her shoulder blades may reveal rumored vestigial wings. Then what? My god! Willie fly? Out of the ointment? Naaawwww!!!!

Willie came by for a non scrabble day of palavering about who and what and where we both knew, about who and what and where one of us knows, about all the other stuff mixed in there about which neither of us had a club.

What a day! Well worth the 3 nitroglycerin pills I took last night.

Thank you, Willie the traveler who sets for yet another journey through the national maze of scrabble boards.

If fish were wishes!

ca1972 Paris Tennessee, 3rd largest city in West Tennessee, has been alive with excitement; abuzz with titillating conversation; boiling over with essence of alcohol and molasses.

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Richard Shankle and wife Belew (he’s a distant cousin) in Paris. Richard recently retired from Commercial Bank in Paris. Perhaps his most exciting days were back in the sixties when he drove the bus for the Nelson and Nyeal duo piano team around the country. Neal was son of a Paris lawyer; Nelson was his Australian wife. Gerry and I met them once in Port Huron prior to a concert. Richard’s mom is Gerry’s cousin. I remember his father Buddy and he used to commute to New York City until he went home to settle down to driving a bus 24 hours a day … leastwise, must have felt like it, eh Richard? (flefoto. Paris. TN.)

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May 24, 2012 at 11:04 pm

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One of the bestest friends a guy (anyone) could have is Dr. Julie Avery who drove down from East Lansing to visit me. What a thrill! I met Julie years ago when we both were renting our souls to the education establishment of Michigan. Together we learned PageMaker and other MacIntosh software. My best ever support group. Of two. I hope you have a chance to read her pamphlet “Yearnings” about adults abusing adults. She is absolutely one of the best persons I know and I deeply appreciate her visit and pray I see her again before my lights go out permanently!

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12300 Julie recently retired; she deserves is the kind of person who had the power to wave her magic wand and often make play of work. I did so wish I had the energy to show here about and ask her help in laying in a few spells here and there (flefoto 2012 cincinnati).

Several of her friends (Yep, I was one) imagined we were her biggest helpers in earning her PhD. Mostly, we phoned and chatted and fumbled. But our hearts and heads were right there in place and determined. When she got it, we all had a part

Example 2 of how to visit a sick mate.

I used to dogsit for her; Hue and I were great friends until isolated members of warring tribes would flyby in their old clunkers and wake up the neighborhood at all times of the night. One afternoon I got caught on both sides. I was inside in the kitchen, patting Hue’s head with one hand and fiddling with Scrabble tiles in a game with Sarah (who has since died) with the other. All of  a sudden, all hell broke out. Domesticity gone bonkers and then some. Julie says her former neighbors who were subjected to all the turmoil light up even now, a dozen years later. I think I even heard some cursewords, wee-willie.

Still, Hue and I hung on long enough to loosen the noose.

Julie Avery, PhD, has a lot of experience in the Michigan State University Library which Don and I visited one day when they were displaying funeral stuff – live people holding dead people up to have their photos taken with them. I often regret not taking pictures of dead people, my brother in particularly and didn’t feel even a little bit leery about it.  CB, I’ sure, is assumed for you to see my living/working/dying space in our apartment. Except for a lingering chill, it’s cosy and toasty. See all the equipment hospice has piled on top of my stuff. (flefoto apr 2012 Cincinnati OH)

CB & Julie

Julie’s and Steve’s home in Michigan. She truly has a magic hand that brings out the soul of a home, lawn, garden and outbuildings. She’s good! (julie photo 120512 at fle’s request).

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May 11, 2012 at 2:10 pm

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Introduction to fle’s fantasies

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This is a test of a beginning of what I expect will be a gazillion photos and comments about genealogy, the lunchbunch, blues, photography and my written meanderings through what’s left of this misspent life. If it works, I think it’ll be easier than setting up my own URL, although I will continue to work on flebytes, as well. Enough nonsense, let’s see if this sucker publishes this BS.

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September 16, 2010 at 12:33 pm