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120306 – Mistaken Identity or Well-played Lunacy? (Lunchbunch. 3/06/1023.)

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To those of us forced to feed the forge and pound the iron onto steel pretties, today was among the calmer I’ve seen in recent years.

In spite of the loss of two sets of car keys which brought our delivery system to its knees like a New York Yankee catcher caught up in the gonads with a 95 mile an hour fastball.

In spite of severe sunspots which disrupted cellphones and all kinds of electronic stuff that stifled communications on and off all day.


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March 9, 2012 at 4:00 am

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March 1, 2012: Rib City (Cincinnati), You have climbed so very high to mediocrity! (120301 Lunchbunch Rib City)

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Wee-Willie must have gasoline for pee. How else can she be so speedy: rush here, flee there, take down the New York ThruWay, breeze by Lake Champlain and blow the paint off of Fort George? And afford all that fuel? My oh My!!!

Willie wasn’t with us again and seemed happy as a pig wallowing in warm mud to be playing “real” Scrabble players in “real” venues.

Bless her heart: the whole of the entirety of Lunchbunch’s singles have her back, and I’m told she did very well, although the first day is her ace. Seems to always have the luck on the first day only to face Scrabble fatigue the second day – Don’t worry, Wee-Willie, we’re working on it. Bob just bought a Skill saw; that should do the trick, eh?

Meanwhile back at the ranch, NO SCRABBLE! CB and Bob catered to me and went to the mightyJungle Jim everything store. I totally wore myself out, but I shopped til I dropped, picking up goodies you just caint get anywheres else. Where else, for example, do you find Asian Apples, AKA apple pears?

Bob walking gingerly to protect the newly-honed edge of his critial tongue which, as fate would have it, had a malfunction and was most "nice" to Rib City, the waitress and the food.

Rustic (in a fake sort of way) Rib City of Cincinnati.The lunch at Rib City, now moved over to Hooters on Route 4 at I-275, was good but not great. Sample tray for two for $32 and had everything in the world in it EXCEPT something special. I do like their mustard sauce and they have pretty good fried okra.

Bob looking for bad pizza; found, instead, some not too awful BBQ. Not for repeat, we all reported.

And here's the ole guy caught on a hungry day. "I want food! Gimme grub! Hey, you guys where's my damned food; I'm a sick man, you know (sympathy sometimes speeds 'em up) bobphoto. 3/1/1012. Cincinnati OH. CBFL apart)

120301 Rhiannon the server better than the food and more fun - secret to success? (flefoto 3/1/1012. Rib City. CincinnatiOH0

The last (and first) time we’d been there Rib City was an adjunct to Jungle Jim’s, kinda hidden out back.

I’m kinda sorry we didn’t pile in on a Scrabble (copyright til you die) game or two while we were in the area.

120301 Lunchbunch Rib City: the wood that sacrifices its flavor to the meat which the animals have sacrificed for us to eat.100_0364

Personally, it was a good day for me; I didn’t feel like falling over passed out all day, but my voice apparently is too weak to catch the attention of my pushers when I wanted to stop, go, gee or haw. ¬†Practice. Practice. Practice.

100301 canada geese haunt the backdoor of Rib City. (flefoto. 3/1/1012. Rib City. Fairfield OH)

Still, as always, a good time was had by all and a great feeling of camaraderie was rebuilt for another week.

120301 Lunchbunch Afterwords Jungle Jims Fairfield OH Bob n CB at the checkout counter with goodies unheard of in Cincinnati until Jungle jim's. Former friend (the late frankie) used to tell the story how Jungle Jim started off with a vegetable cart to work his way to the larges supermarket in Cincinnati. I've seen at least one national documentary about it. Fake Elvises and all.

120301 "Animals? Do I got animals? Look at all of them thar varmints," puffed Jungle Jim.

120301 and to all a fond, if exhausted, farewell.

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March 5, 2012 at 12:27 pm

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