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The Battle for Lunch with the Lunchbunch 20 July 2012.a

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Willie nervously tests the food and the water, looking for good taste and also for suspicious warning signs that the Joycists are on the rampage. flefoto Criptographics. Peruano Sabor. Fairfield OH

I awoke in the pre dawn yesterday. It was Friday the twentieth of July. As I jumped off on cold, if invigorating icy floor tiles, I realized if I didn’t have my “A” game pretty much at its peak today, the Lunhbunch would be footless and almost certainly luckless in ways that one or two of the couldn’t even imagine.The T-Part air fighters had shredded much of Route 4 from Interstate 275 to Motherfuckuh Highway, effectively shutting down automobile traffic in the finest food zone on Cincinnati’s west side. Hell or any of its sides.

July 20, 2012. All of us (back: CB, Willie, and Jude; front: l-R=r: me then Bob with his Julie shirt) in full battle garb Lunchbunch 120721 Fairfield OH. Peruano Sabor. Criptrographics.


Plain ole jealousy.

Concealed behind these walls, the inside paint gun locker of the restaurant where our final hopes would lie if we were forced into fierce action against the Joycists. fotobyfle Criptograph July 20, 2012

Bob’s military wife Commander Joyce tired of hearing about the best pizzas, the fried chicken, soup’s of all sorts, cornbread of all sorts, carrot cake, flan and you-name-it pies, had called em out after p;ulling her battle gear from that huge waterproof bag she had suspended under the surface of the inlet halfway across the lake.

The Joycists resurrected.

Special guards, at the behest of LB members, have been hired by the restaurant to protect us from those who would painfully deny us our one sumptuousness of the week. (How dare they?) Lunchbunch 120721 Fairfield OH DSCF1025DSCF1006

Nobody was going to out brag her gourmand friends. oafter what seemsd like a hundred calls from my cellphone, I was able to have Willie desiccate construction site inspector. At thats site outside my favorite South American joint – outside Sabor Peruano. I had information a gang of Americans posing as illegals planned to make a big fuss – complex with hand pained

Family style dining gives each of us a taste of as many as a dozen appetizers/entrees/desserts/specialty drinks. Here is the pork and rice I order (and shared). First time in my memory that everything everyone ordered was superb, but especially dat crispy pork Lunchbunch 120721 Fairfield OH. Criptographics. bobfoto

signs, body and internet noise accusing me and others like me of huge pretense – pretending to love Latin American food to dilute its level of consumer delight in Cincinnati.

They were determined to drive us to the west side where there hasn’t been a self-respecting restaurant since Aunt Flora’s left for the Findlay Market and where running upon one good meal a year is  not unlike rediscovering the hope diamond, and that’s is we all agree on it.

Bob after months of intensive conditioning is obviously fit to confront the worst the Joycists can throw at him. Bob, on more than one occasion, has thrown himself between oncoming paintballs and his friends, including me. Quiet but loyal, I’d say. Yes, I’d say that. 120721 Fairfield OH flefoto Criptographics.

Which we don’t hardly ever. Even for real bank money.

I had been suspecting Joyce was up to something like this for

I called my friend Sarah who works there, who had sent me steaming bowlfuls of Peruvian food when I was in the hospital on the a-tip of the crust. Sarah rounded a half dozen of her friends and family up, commandeered their vehicles, including – can you believe it? – one with a chair lift and slipped us in through back entrance. All of us, that is, except Jude, the designated decoy was arrived normally late.

CB always getting up and down up and down to help me; poor kid. Lunchbunch 120721 Fairfield OH flefoto Criptographics.

Joyce’s crowd was left outside in the parking lot sucking hind tit and creaming of better days, of more effective days when the Lunch Bunch would no long have either the best meal or the last

CB had the green spaghetti probably colored by spinach whose flavor (thankfully) didn’t bleed through loudly. Peruvian food seems to include a heavy European influence (e.g.), namely influences from SpainChinaItaly, West Africa, and Japan (spaghetti). Out-of=state foods prepared with hometown foods. I like it a lot, but I’m not sure how the rest of the gang feels about it. Most don’t complain but also aren’t normally as loudly complimentary as I. Did I say the restaurant twice sent food, insisting on no charge to my friend who picked it up. First of all, how could I not love them, eh? Lunchbunch 120721 Fairfield OH DSCF1024

Don’t fool with the Lunch Bunch. Mess with us at the rest of have your ego busted.

Dirty table – No, I don’t think that’s the word at all, more like the ashtray after sex – I can still hear my friends full-throated purrs of satisfaction rumbling around the room as the crew changes the scenery for the third act of our Lunch Bunch – Scrabble (copyright til you die). Enough! They said. “Too much” (from the peanut gallery). “Blessed at the gluttons!” Finally a smattering of Joycists stepped out of their concealment to applaud our expertise in both ordering and eating and being all around nice folks. Still, looking at the quickly disappearing food one can not help wondering  how many tales the table could tell, for it heard and saw all, where each of us could grasps no more than a minuscule soupcon. Lunchbunch 120721 Fairfield OH flefoto. Criptographics.

Yesterday’s meal was, in MY OPINION, the best meal we’ve had: 2 soups, deep fried bacon and potatoes, onion salad, pork and rice, spaghetti, chicken steaks and rice, paella with its yellow rice (ordered eagerly by Bob but methinks NOT eatern eagerly by him), cookies that melt in your mouth, flan, all day long ….. all day long… till the Scrabbleboards (copyright til you die) come out.

Jude in full stride, like the rest of us, she’s a talker, and, like the rest of her, she has absolutely no chance of spitting out a single sentence of more than six words intact. Lunchbunch 120721 Fairfield OH flefoto. Criptographics.


I lost two.

But it didn’t spoil my day.

CB beat Bob. Not sure, but that could have been a day breaker for someone. Willie beat the piss outa me; don’t know how she fared against CB.

Sarah, server and savior. Who will neither forsake no shorchange.  Lunchbunch 120721 Fairfield OH. flefoto. Criptographics.

Then it was time to go, for willie to flow ahead of traffic.

For Bob to hit Dewey’s for a makeup pizza for Joyce.

Jude seafood soup. Willie and I do no like cilantro which is brought to the table in a little non-polluting bowl. Soup’s good. Lunchbunch 120721 Fairfield OH DSCF1025

Since the previous LB, CB had a colonoscopy after we made that emergency turnaround in Kentucky where some afoul was spilling out of her bowels.

All’s better. No cancer, it would appear.

Willie’s been to a wedding near Colorado Springs where her very best friend in the whole wide world (originally) from Vermont lives. Her photographs showed the devastation of that huge wildfire in the Colorado Springs area. Cases of water on the ground space regularly – comfort for firefighters. A beautiful wedding, she see. Hell trying to fly out of the SPRINGS, said she, especially for her friends trying to get back to Vermont, although it wasn’t a ride in the park for Willie, either, said Willie, to us all.

Willie brought Elk sausage from Colorado. Now that’s what I’m talking about. Already tasted it. Already like it with mustard and crackers. Doesn’t she look good in red? Lunchbunch 120721 Fairfield OH. flefoto. Criptographics.

Willie has been traveling like the headless runner of late. East Enosburg, Albany, Lake Champlain, Dayton, Santana concert, Colorado Springs, Fairfield OH (Lunch Bunch), and now to Findlay OH this weekend for more Scrabble.

’til dus

My Hopkins family had the first reunion without me in a bunch of years…well over ten. Still almost can’t get my mind over not EVER being able to go to Paris (TN) my hometown again. Certainly a prisoner of my own doing, but a prisoner nonetheless. Several Scrabble (copyright til you die) tourneys have called without response in Michigan, Tennessee, Ohio (this weekend, too). Slowly  the tope is being pulled tighter.

man, do we have a llot of dishes when we eat family styile big family with lots of tastes of lots of taste; and Karina who, too was commended as server/savior. Lunchbunch 120721 Fairfield OH. flefoto. Criptographics.

Not nearly desperate as it could be without my family and friends.

Both Ronald and Willie (and her trusty helper John) have put together electronic memory books for me. I try to watch one or both every day to feed the psychic hunger pains that threaten regularly.

our ammunition to their sorrow Lunchbunch 120721 Fairfield OH DSCF1013

Jude is looking for a job. Good luck, although the Lunch Bunch would definitely be the less without you, friend.

Happy Trails to you (channeled just for you from Roy and Dale)


Button, Button, Where’s the last one, that rapscallion, Wailani’s final Button that can finally rescue us from the mischievous gods of Australia.

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The quartet of misfits and has-beens met quietly for lunch in Mount Orab, Ohio, to organize and develop plans for their quest for “the button.” Each had pledged fealty to the pursuit, which was, in truth, the quest for meaning in each of their own lives each of which had fallen to the caprice of the gods in Melbourne, Australia, one at a time over the past several decades. While each had improvised and advanced far on a far different plane in the interim, all longed for the glory and the gladness that would have been theirs had the gods not interfered. That the Aussies had shake  with laughter as they worked their ingenious evil machinations on our quartet, compounded their resolve for revenge.

Find the button.

Look carefully at Wailani's neck and you will see that the top button on her dress is missing. That button is the quartet's only hope to return their lives to any semblance of normalcy, else we are all doomed to die, slowly, painfully, roasted over a spit of self-pity and failure created by the ancient gods of Australia. Kekona, whose working disguise is waiter in a Mexican restaurant in a small town in the Midwest, has agreed to join our quest for the button. I (extreme right), Koa, am most anxious to return to even a smattering of failed dreams over the past 61 years.


Wailani (heavenly water)willie

Koa – “Warrior; the koa tree fle


Noun: A large Hawaiian forest tree (Acacia koa) of the pea family that yields dark red timber

Lopaka – Hawaiian form of Robert. (6m) bob

Pilialoha – “Beloved companion” (1f,1m)cb

kekona (leeward wind) waiter at Mi Camino Real

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June 8, 2011 at 12:57 pm