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Will the Real Aunt Jemima Please Stand Up? February 17, 2011

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Here's "Aunt Flora" in People Magazine, which reported she and others were invited to vie for a program slot on Oprah's new TV network! Sadly, didn't work out for her! (Bob photo. February 17, 2011)

Still, Lunchbunch was a success before we were struck with news of Bridget’s death and John’s accident. Subject of our investigation was Aunt Flora’s House of Cobbler / Aunt Flora’s House of Soul Food / Aunt Flora’s House of whatever goodness is on special at the time, I suppose. 7207 Montgomery Road in Silverton. CB said, “Let’s do it.” And so we did.

CB making her grand entrance! (Frankie photo. Silverton, O. 2/17/2011)

Not that she's bragging. Of course not. Lots of Aunt Flora's spoor. Everywhere. No Aunt Flora. Not once glance all the time we were there, although Jennifer was a brave and loyal soldier. (frankie photo. Silverton, O. 02/17/2011)

Bob and I and Aunt Flora go way back nearly 10 years when she had a small shop on the Western side of town. We both remember that day vividly: we waited nearly 3 hours for our food! 3 hours! Why’d we wait? I think after a while it was a challenge to see who could wait longer, the cook or us. We won.

Jennifer picked up invaluable experience this day. If she can get through a table of us, she can get through anything with minimal shuddering. Willie's problem, much like the rest of us, was to figure out what the hell to order. The number of entrees just equalled the number of people who dare call themselves a lunchbunch. (Frankie photo. Silverton,O. 02/17/2011)

A few years later I followed her to Findlay market and once year bought one of her peach cobblers for my sister’s birthday. I think the $33 dollar cobbler was only $28 back then.

After Findlay she started up a soul food takeout in downtown Cincinnati.

And now works out of a used Chinese restaurant on another side of town.

Cincinnati Bites says “Aunt Flora’s House of Soul is a soul food restaurant now open next to Silverton Cafe, occupying the space formerly known as Szechwan Wok. Katrina “Aunt Flora” Mincy is a bit of a celebrity, having had her cobblers featured on Martha Stewart’s TV show. Mincy and members of her family have explored several area restaurant ventures, including the much-missed Flo’s Plate Full of Soul.”

Katrina says her aunt was the real Aunt Flora, from Pennsylvania as I remember, who was among several persons hired to cross-cross the country demonstrating Aunt Jemima pancake mix, syrup and the like. So, I guess you could say Aunt Flora is a stage name twice removed.

Soul food, but limited which probably accounts for good quality of the food. (Bob photo. Silverton, O. 02/17/2011)

Pick your cobbler; how far can you go without puking on the floor. The cobblers are delicious and sooooo very, very sweet. (Bob photo. Silverton, O. 02/17/2011)

The menu is skimpy. The cobblers are excellent, remind me of my grandmother’s down south. Aside from dry pork chops, though, I thought the food was good. The vegetable pot pie was excellent. The chicken pot pie tasted like the vegetable pot pie. My catfish was about as good as pond-raised catfish gets. Jude’s hot wings were dry, I thought and the sauce was way too mild. The whitefish was good to those of us who like whitefish and not so good to the rest. Because I don’t get french fries often anymore, the “fresh cut” fries were superb, or was it the salt. Mixed fried cabbage and greens were good. Rest of us seemed to like the mac and cheese. And the vanila pound cake and cobblers were not turned down.

Jude joined us for the frivolity and promised to do it again before the next solstice.

Bob and Jude flipping for who gets the chicken wings. You wouldn't think selection would be too tough since there was only one entree per each of us and since we all share anyhow. But you do know we are gourmands, don't you, and the exigencies of our expertise. Of course. (fle photo. Silverton, O. 02/17/2011)

All of us. With full bellies and a full measure of bonhomie pushing the bindings on our souls. (L-R): CB, Jude, Willie, fle, Bob, Jennifer the server most satisfying. (Bob photo. Silverton, O. 02/17/2011)

Willie entertained us with news and views (see: Goodbye, Bridget!)

Scrabble (copyright til you die) came with Bob, CB, Willie and I pulling out the boards at the Blue Ash Library where fellow Scrabbler Matthew Collins works.

Matthew Collins, the Scrabbling Librarian, says o.k. to Willie's request for a private room for Afterwords Scrabble (copyright til you die) for the Lunchbunch. (fle photo. Blue Ash, O. 02/17/2011)

Bob and CB won 2 games each; Willie and I won 1 each. And so it goes.

CB paid. Willie tipped. CB chose.

February 24: Willie pays; Bob tips; Bob chooses.


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February 24, 2011 at 12:24 am

Goodbye, Bridget! (February 17, 2011) (Dayton, O.)

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Four members of the Dayton Scrabble (copyright til you die) Club spelling it out for all comers in Pigeon Forge in 2004. (Photo by Frankie. 2004)

After our December 9th Lunchbunch in Dayton, I wrote about our visit in the Hospice of Dayton with Bridget Scholtz, veteran Scrabble (copyright til you die) player and a fine person as well. Every time the Lunchbunch has met since then, Willie, a friend and fellow member of the Dayton Scrabble Club, has given us an update on Bridget’s health. Last Thursday (Feb 17) Willie talked about visiting her the previous evening and about how the Dayton Club had celebrated Bridget’s 89th birthday with a cake and song and Scrabble (of course) on Elvis’ birthday on January 8th.

In Dayton (date unknown) Bridget (far right) poses with the Scrabble (copyright til you die) Club in its secret clubhouse. Willie is third from right. (Willie photo)

January 8, 2011. Bridget's 89th birthday party, cake, play and all - I do hope they didn't forget Elvis! (Willie photo. January 2011)

Willie as guest at Bridget's 89th birthday celebration. (Willie photo)

With Saint Patrick’s Day coming up, Willie reminded us Bridget was born in Ireland and regaled us with tales of many March 17ths Bridget and she had celebrated heartily . We also heard that Bridget was growing very weak and tired.

Bridget radiant at her January 8th party. (Willie photo)

At 10:15 Thursday evening, February 17, 2011, Bridget died, hours after members of the Lunchbunch had gone home.

On the same day while we were playing Scrabble at the Blue Ash Library, Willie’s husband John fell unconscious as he browsed with a friend in a Dayton gunshop. Thankfully, Willie says John seems to be somewhat on the mend.

Funeral services for Bridget were conducted on Tuesday, February 22nd in Dayton. Willie and other Scrabble (copyright til you die) players attended, some actively participating.

Returning from the funeral, Willie posted this on CGP:

I just attended Bridget Scholz funeral and remembered I hadn’t notified CGP of her passing, so that other directors and players in tournaments in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky and Tennesee would know. Bridget used to travel with me (to Scrabble tournaments) along with Sadie Rose. For those of you that the name is familiar but you can’t quite place her, Bridget was originally from Ireland and still said the letter “H” in her Irish brogue “aitch”. SHe still had her red hair although it was fading. Thin slender lady that always smiled. She was one of the oldest at our Nationals here in Dayton. She had her 89th birthday party on Elvis’s birthday in January. She was such an Elvis fan. She played scrabble right up to the day before she passed. There were 2 scrabble boards set up in her honor plus all the Elvis and Irish memorabilia. Our club will dearly miss her. Willie Swank-Pitzer.

And so say many friends and opponents across the country and down through the years.

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February 23, 2011 at 11:28 pm

Lake Manor Moored to Copse Watches Mount Orab Float Placidly By! (February 3, 2011)

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What a Day Thursday, February 3rd, was for Willie! Englewood was smack dab in the middle of the big ice storm that swooshed across the midlands of America, almost as if it were the 8th Day of Creation when god said, “Oh, I forgot, so, one more thing: LET THERE BE ICE.” All over an area that spread from the Super Bowl Stadium in Dallas where falling ice hospitalized several people to the Dayton area where in many places the only traffic allowed on local roads was that comprised of emergency vehicles and police cars. 

While shivering visibly willie lay under the shaky protection of the walls and roof of her ice-riddled home, we other Lunchbunchers bemoaned her fate at Mount Orab’s Lake Manor Restaurant by stuffing our faces with the best meal we’ve ever had there. Thence Afterwords at the Mount Orab Library (we got the meeting room!)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

But let’s recount a Lunch Bunch Day without the Lunch Bunch as recounted by Miz Willie in her own words in an email long after the other three of us had gone home and fallen into a deep sleep of gluttony.

Talk about cabin fever.  As soon as Time Warner (cableguy) left at 10:30 tonight I went to the library and dropped off some overdue books.  They were closed for 2 days and I assume I won’t get charged for those days. Time Warner told me they would be here somewhere between 7:30 AM and 9 PM and still hadn’t arrived at 9:30.  The guy that came said he only got the job report 2 hours before on his handheld.  He was an on call person.  Guess they got it when I let them know that I wasn’t happy that I got a different story everytime I called.  A representative named Kaety (likely spelling of cable lady was Katie, unlike Willie’s much and oft revered granddaughter. ed.) actually had the nerve to ask me if the line was still laying on the ground.  I bit my tongue but I sure wanted to ask her how she thought it had gotten back up if they hadn’t been here yet, it just magically floated back up or I put it back up myself.
Kaety’s school still closed tomorrow and so is Northmont here in Englewood.  Don’t understand around here but Champaigne County is still on level 2 (stay off the roads unless you have a good reason. ed.) the roads are so iced and windblown etc.  Her school is being used for a Red Cross place to go for those without heat.  15,000 still without electricity. They called in help from many other states. More snow on its way but snow is better than the ice storm we had.  It brought down a lot of our silver maple and the garbage men didn’t take what I dragged to the curb.  John remains at deer camp for the last few days of deer season so he hasn’t been here to help me.  Driveway was and still is one ice rink.  Most places out of salt.  I need more.
Creepy sounds when the ice starting melting off the house.  I couldn’t even see out any windows or doors on the north side of the house so ice encased.  The limbs were so loud & they shook the house.  Got up in hopes that they didn’t take the garage corner closest to the tree.  Funny that a crew had come by earlier last week wanting to trim our tree.  Guess we should have taken them up on it.
Now I have to keep up on what is happening to my house in Vermont where the storm has headed.  Niece is there so that makes me feel better.
I am going to the pool tomorrow and need to make up for all the days that is has been closed.  We had over 500 closures running at the bottom of the screen Wed.  UD closed but Brad had to go anyway but he got paid extra.  Leigh Ann called off and didn’t chance the roads thank goodness.  Just nothing you can do on ice.  The number of 18 wheelers and accidents has been amazing especially on 70 between here and Indy.  Richmond area totally shut down with level 4 and no one supposed to be on the roads except rescue, medical etc.
Enough I get to watch TV tonight in my bedroom.  Yeah!!!
That’s indeed

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February 16, 2011 at 1:22 am

Badly Beaten with a Cheese Pizza in Troni’s Doorway, Fle Capitulates, Eats Words, Chokingly Reverses Taste. (February 10, 2010) (Lunchbunch at Troni’s Italian Restaurant in Kettering O.)

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Frankie Lee. See him giggle and gloat over recently self-recognition of his (my) new Scrabble (copyright til you die) prowess. He cringes when he's pelted with disparaging with "one-day wonder!! (Bob Photo. February 10, 2011. Kettering, O.)

Sir Frankielee is the newest self-proclaimed Lunchbunch Scrabble (copyright til you die) champion, having proven himself once again Thursday with decisive (one point or more) victories over both Lady Willie Enosburg Falls’ monarch-in-waiting and Baronial Bob of Ohio’s Lake Catspaw, although one bystander opined rather loudly, “No wonder everybody was applauding him, he was raising so much hell – good thing those people regenerate heads the way he was bitin’ ’em off all afternoon.” To which fle responded, “Hunh?” Marquise CB was heard breathing a heavy sigh of relief when Scrabble (copyright til you die) was called for the day by dinnertime traffic jams. Final scores: fle 2, CB 1, Bob 1, Willie 0.

Marquise CB reluctantly admiring the brand new penny of my newly-exposed expertise reached after only 25 and one-fifth years of diligent work and practice. (Frank Photo. February 10, 2011. Kettering O.)

It is becoming so that scheduling of Lunchbunch is nearly impossible without the aid of an abacus.


Baronial Bob and Sammy Troni admiring the temporary throne room erected for the event by the Lunchbunch, an event that included a small selection of children's games and a catered luncheon. (Frank photo. February 10, 2011. Kettering, O.)

By Kelli Wynn, Staff Writer10:51 AM Thursday, December 10, 2009

KETTERING — A pre-trial court date has been scheduled for the owner of Troni’s Pizza & Restaurant, who was charged with domestic violence after he punched his brother, the owner of Jimmy’s Italian Kitchen.

Sami Troni, 52, of Kettering, entered a not guilty plea through his attorney Lee Hohl, on Dec. 1, according to Kettering Municipal Court records.

The pre-trial is scheduled for Dec. 17 before Judge Thomas Hanna.

The alleged punching incident occurred about 5:30 p.m. on Nov. 23, in the restaurant’s parking lot, 1314 E. Dorothy Lane.

Kettering police said Sami’s brother, Fahri Troni drove to the restaurant to pick up a family member and was approached by Sami Troni.

The two men had an “exchange of words” before Sami allegedly hit Fahri across the face with his fist, according to Officer Michael Burke.

“Apparently (Fahri) was still seated inside his vehicle,” Burke said.

Fahri Troni then called police.

“He came outside. I had the window open and he said (expletive) and he just hit me,” Fahri Troni said during a recording of his 911 call.

When police arrived, they observed a bruise on the left side of Fahri’s head, near his eye, Burke said.

Sami Troni was arrested and booked into the Kettering City Jail. He remains free on bail.

The municipal court issued a temporary protection order against Sami Troni on Nov. 24.

Contact this reporter at (937) 225-2414 or

Mark the server. Diligent and faithful. Albanian pizza served by an Italian. (Bob photo. February 10, 2011. Kettering, O.)

You shoulda been there, he said. West side. East side. No way side. Kettering. Mmmmmm. Who’s on first?

The lady in funereal black raced from the last rites for a friend's mom to Troni's Italian Restaurant to play with pizza and pasta, tiramisu and mostly-jinedible Scrabble (copyright til you die) passion fruit. There have been recent sightings of mini-monsters hiding behind Troni's pizza boxes. (Bob Photo. February 10, 2011. Kettering, O.)

Lunchbunch spent another day at Troni’s Italian Restaurant in beautiful downtown Kettering where the main tourist attraction of late are traffic cones. We moved us from Cincinnati to Dayton from eleven a.m. to two p.m. under threat of Willie’s absence; she had been suddenly summoned to attend the funeral of a spouse’s (John’s) friend’s mom. She wore black-all-over regarded by our Albanian hosts as a symbol of deep respect even as she insisted she was not quite of an age to be theirs or anybody else’s matriarch.

There were, I’m told, some eyebrows raised at the sight of my throne chair being shoved into place behind our table in the corner over there just this side of the kitchen.

The first piece of cheese pizza I have loved, even if I did steal it from Bob. Half with "stuff" and half cheese. Is an example of the best pizza I've tried in Ohio (and, yes, I am aware Bob has been bribed to throw Dewey's Pizza in the mix!} An easy 9.0! (Photo by Bob. February 10, 2011. Kettering, O.)

CB ordered Chicken paresan with linguini and liked it. I did, too, except for the white meat where Troni's to failed to break the rule of "dry as hell." (Bob Photo. February 10, 2011. Kettering, O.)

Calamari doesn't look nearly as good as it tastes. A 9.2 if I ever tasted one. 'Course Bob couldn't get his camera out fast enough; it was half gone before the first shutter click. (Bob Photo. February 10, 2011. Kettering, O.)

Great rolls lolly in garlic butter and their great accompaniment - antipasto. Great shot, Bob. (Bob Photo. February 10, 2011. Kettering, O.)

Willie's spaghetti and Italian sausage which I thought was very good. Seems incredible that only a couple of years ago Willie and I agreed aside from their pizza the food at Troni's sucked. This day everything we tried we liked. (Bob Photo. February 10, 2011. Kettering, O.)

Whadda sammich! Sausage and stuff. And big enough for two which is who shared it, one each, CB and I. (Bob Photo. February 10, 2011. Kettering, O.)

Willie's gift dinner for John. Lasagna. Apparently and acceptable level of tastebud satisfaction. (Bob Photo. February 10, 2011. Kettering, O.)

t and canoli for dessert. Sammy the owner had to go to the getting place to find some tiramisu for us - and we do appreciate that. Bob's favorite is canoli. (Bob Photo. February 10, 2011. Kettering, O.)

It seems to be the food quality of Troni’s improves with each visit – although I shouldn’t say this in front of Bob who will surely try to force-feed me my own words when next we eat and play in Montgomery County. I usually like four items on my pizza; Bob’s favorite is cheese pizza. The piece of cheese pizza I brought home was gloriously delicious! So, I guess Bob has made a believer out of me; now he must try a piece of my next favorite pizza – Donato’s garbage pizza – to demonstrate full faith and credit of friendship, don’t you think?

It’s been so cold of late that we had to take our pizza bag along to keep produce we bought at Costco en route to Troni’s from freezing before we got home.

I took Willie her replacement birthday white chocolate-covered popcorn (The first batch was chocolate-less). We all tasted. It was good! It was delicious. I should have kept it and told her it had gotten lost in the mail. Is what I shoulda done. If I coulda done.

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February 13, 2011 at 6:23 pm

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Nobody Had a Magnifying Glass; Our Butts: Probably Lost Forever in the Middle Kingdon of The Lunch Bunch. (Qdoba’s. Beavercreek. January 27, 2011 – wilflebobcee)

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January 27th was a Thursday as I recall. Quite greedy, it was, its pockets filled to overflowing with the silvery glitter of jackfrost, the middle fingers of each hand extended fully – frozen in place? – leaving no doubt as to its mischievous intentions for the day.

Where it was, assuming it was not the artwork laid down in our brains by one of mother's pills (see White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane) was behind a hill under a rock, turn left, do a flip, retrace your route, then head due north in the most circuitous way. And there, standing insignificantly on an obscure corner of Beavercreek Town Centre: Qdoba Mexican Grille, home of the healthiest Mexican grub that dares call Mexico the home of its origins. It was like a church revival, was Lunch Bunch; we all were lost but then we were found through the blood and the grace of Lady Luck. (Photo by Frankie January 27, 2011)

5:30 a.m. Reluctantly up. Rubbing the sleep glue from my eyes. No more procrastination, fle. This is it!Lunchbunch had been cancelled each of the last two weeks and I had spent those two weeks not finding, not building, not trading for and wrapping birthday gifts for Willie and Bob, the only two remaining two lunchbunchers who were quickly approaching that special birthday where the complications of gift giving evaporate. Poof!

The shadows of El Dorado are deceptive as they draw in countless customers who enter eagerly to eat healthy but, mysterioiusly, never leave that corner store. Willie, however, obtained passes for all of us to insure our easy exit. Here are birthday gifts and an empty table awaiting the celebrants of Willie's and Bob's birthdays. A drab building on a drab day but happiness bubbles all over in our souls souls souls. (Photo by Frankie January 27, 2011)

For at a certain age, somewhere between the 6th and 9th decades, it is a relevant fact that the recipient no longer can remember who gave what when and who can often be found wandering aimlessly murmuring aloud and again the desire for that University of Dayton Sweatsuit that she had received and exclaimed a year ago. And a year before. Or that too-tight Shania Twain tee shirt to go with a pile of the very same said too-tight lying under the kitties in that lonely laundry room standing lacklusterly and dustily by the lake.

All lined up for Beavercreek's version of fine dining with a Spanish influence. Bob is at the far end of the land, Willie is standing next to Bob with the multi-colored top. CB is at the near end of the line. Willie had coupons and so we all ate cheap. Well, kinda; it still wasn't like Mickey Dee's "1 dollar menu." Ordering is so complex they gave us a menu to take to our table so we could figure it out just what it was that was there that we might want to eat. (Photo by Frankie January 27, 20111)

Qdoba has plenty of fresh if bland food although the quesadillas were good and the pop and the cheese sauce recommended by that guy who swore he'd been in for lunch 4 times this week already and here it is only Thursday. I found most of the burritos had way too much rice in them and way too little flavor, but that's me; CB and Willie are kinda partial to bland, so I imagine the repast at Qboda's was quite tasty to them, leastwise tastier. The chips were nice and crispy and the habanero salso was watered down to no spice. (Once CB, Willie and Bob refresh my memory of their memory of the big birthday midday bash in Beavercreek I shall so report back)(Photo by Frankie January 27, 2011)

Dinner - or is it Lunch? - is served by Bob and CB and Willie who immediately plowed in to their flour tortillas-wrapped-around-indescribable delicacies. (L-R Bob, CB, Willie). (Photo by Frankie January 27, 2011)

Qdoba’s story is (attribute website): In 1995, Anthony Miller and partner Robert Hauser imported San Francisco’s Mission-style burrito to Colorado, opening the first Qdoba Mexican Grill in Denver. Qdoba immediately won over customers and critics with the restaurant’s Mexican flavors and fresh ingredients. They claim there are 500 of their most fantastically fine eatery outlets for Amurcans of all sizes, shapes and tastes.

I’d give our Qdoba a 7.5 for freshness and a 4.2 overall.

A good thing: it was my week to tip and I forgot to tip. Of course, it was a bitch finding somebody to tip unless it was the person who helped CB bring my food to the table, then nothing. I know, that’s a ration of rationalization and it doesn’t fit very well yet, but I’m working on it. Expect a flood of emails over the next several weeks persisting with that argument until my heart is hardened and my conscience is barricaded against the continuing onslaught of guilt.

From late January to mid-April Bob and I are the same age: that would be 67 this year. Among Bob's birthday offerings were two jars of Atomic Horseradish, imported from California. Of course, one of the jars had sprung a leak and had to be exchanged (Actually, the company didn't want the leaky jar but sent a replacement along with a jar of their creamy jalapeno mustard). Now what would horseradish be without something to eat it WITH? CB and I stopped by Jungle Jim's en route to our rendezvous to pick up some corned beef with a side of gabagool. Bob's happy grin says it all, doesn't it? (Photo by Frankie. Beavercreek, O. January 27, 2011)

To Bob from Willie. Liquid gold for his pancakes. Maple Syrup from Vermont, perhaps, she said, perhaps even from Enosburg Falls. (Photo by Frankie. Beavercreek, O. January 27, 2011)

What? What's that word, fle? And that one. And that one over there, too. Are you sure this is English? Bob painfully attempting to decipher a fle-original birthday card, a feat he is determined to conquer this year! (Never reported back and I was way too shy to ask). (Frankie Photo. January 27, 2011. Beavercreek, O.)

From Bob to Willie: an encylcopedic book of pop singing groups (emphasis on the "doowop") from 1940 or 50 to 1990. One of the chief pursuits of the Lunch Bunch, aside from Scrabble (copyright til you die) is identifying and discussing music, mostly from our rocking pasts. Willie obviously was pleased. (Frankie Photo. January 27, 2011. Beavercreek, O.)

Dear Willie. With love. CB and Bob. A Franklin Scrabble (copyright til you die) dictionary! To replace that one you lost? I don't know anyone who's had more trouble keeping track of electronic Scrabble (copyright til you die) handheld word lookups, one or two up, I believe, on me. But, for the moment, all is well again with one at the ready and another standing by. How much have those of us who are Scrabble (copyright til you die) nuts spent on electronic wordlists/dictionaries. I know I've spent eight or nine hundred dollars and CB has spent another 4 or 5 hundred. And the question remains: with all that cutting edge technology why ... WHY are we all still seriously deficient in word recall... WHY are we all still losing so many challenges - even Bob who has been playing Scrabble (copyright til you die) since he was eight years old. But, back to Willie's birthday Franklin, she likes it. (Frankie Photo. January 27, 2011. Beavercreek. O.)

Chocolate-covered popcorn from fle to Willie. From Sally Lane's Candies in Paris, Tennessee, fle's hometown. But it was two for two. They had to send replacement popcorn because the first batch had no chocolate! Is this a trend in the world of fast track deliveries? They promised to have the replacement here before Lunch Bunch on February 3rd. They lied. Now here it sits and here I sit, fingers crossed that it won't be inedible in 4 more days. (Frankie Photo. January 27, 2011. Beavercreek, O.)

Qdoba is ugly as sin without the cheap prints used for excuses for wall coverings. Flat black. I have a habit of critiquing my surroundings and more often than not find little or no pleasure in the aesthetics, or lack thereof, in a place's physical plant. An "F" for Qdoba in Beavercreek, O. If other Lunch Bunchers have differing views, lemme know and I'll print 'em, if they're well written and grammatically correct (yeah, right!).

Then came the pain of finding Barnes and Nobles for Afterwords. “Just down there,” said one. “No problem getting there,” he chimed in as an afterthought. Willie and Bob were sensible enough to stop a shopper and ask directions. CB and I are much too important for that! After a mile on surface streets around I-675 and after false stops in 2 shopping centers before we found the right one and after half an hour (maybe longer) of hair-pulling. We, too, arrived. Only to remember I’d left my new Nook at home.

Mmmmmmmmm! Willie and Bob join in the sweetness of dessert at Barnes and Nobles. They sure do know how to satisfy a sweet tooth. (Frankie Photo. January 27, 2011. Beavercreek, O.)

Afterwords. "I suggest you count that again, Miss Willie, is what I suggest." Results of recount have yet to be revealed.

"Robert, am I to understand that since you've been playing Scrabble (copyright til you die) since you were eight years old, you guarantee this word is unacceptable?" Looking up....... (time passes). "It is as good as gold, Bob. I believe that adds up to $85,000 times 57 equals 4 million 845 thousand dollars. You may make payments, of course." fle.

Afterwords had muliples elements of surprise and excitement today. In the first game Willie beat me by 1 (one) point and CB beat Bob by one (1). I beat Bob in the 2nd game and Willie beat CB. Last game I beat CB and Bob beat Willie by 17 points. Not a bad day to die.

Not at all.


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