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“To Grandma’s House We Go.” December 24, 2010

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Waiting for consumption: roast beef, green beans, stuffing, mashed potatoes and lots of high caloric fuel. (See Blair peeking through the glasses at the farrrrr end of the table? She is a hungry girl)

CB serving up a Yule feast on Christmas Eve. Odd similarities. (L-R Jack, CB, and Trey)

Gina and Blair.

A member of the clean hands club: Jack.

Brothers waiting for to eat. Trey (left). Jack (right). CB (deep background).

Apple juice was the liquid of choice for toasting, unanimously for absence of ill-health and bad luck in the year 2-thousand-twelve. So far, with the new year, only hours away, prospects remain steadily optimistic.

Don’t make another move toward that cookie plate, mister. Not one! (Jack)

If play is training for adulthood, Blair will definitely be an expert!

Blair and babydoll. Hard work, but somebody’s got to do it!

Gramma takes a minute to deep-breathe between rounds of gift bombardment.

A shadow of calm softly settles over the party… for about a tenth of a second!

Obviously, the Breitbeil’s  next James Dean! (L-R: Gina, Jack and Rick)

Gina & CB look into the face of Santa!

How quickly those beautiful “presents” become a knee-deep heap of scrap paper. (L-R: Mona (hands), Jack, Rick, Trey, Blair & Gina)

Gramma jumps into the frenzy.

Gifts flew faster and faster. Hand to hand, at first. That, as the excitement grew, thru the air. Towels and footies for Gramma. Beer for Frank. A camping tent (which was too small) and a hand steamer for Mona. Legos and Leap Frog and a learning computer for Trey & Jack. Dolls, a learn your letters and numbers kinda-computer for Blair. A “lights up when you pull out the pen” notepad for Gina. A heavy duty (not to mention big-assed) snow and ice scraper for Rick and Gina. An atomic (always has the correct time) alarm clock for Rick. And a whole bunch of more stuff I don’t remember what it was or who it was for right now (if you respond to this blog with more who got what and/or from whom, I’ll add it on – fle)

Richard the III hugged by Richard the II.

The party was covered quite thoroughly, thank you, with the amateur publicity efforts of Rick (video) (here seen shooting his sister opening a glittery gift box with a cane on top) and me (too often not very) stills.

Taking center stage, Rick regaled us with stories of his car which he has driven for months without benefit of a reverse gear (Don’t ask me how which I suspect is the reason: the challenge of how). “After a narrow escape this week, I’ve decided, once and for all, says Cincinnati’s premier clothier, to put a battery in my other car which does have a reverse and, even more significantly, to DRIVE it. Yessir, no more coasting backwards down hills, across driveways and public streets to go forward.” We shall see, Rick. We shall see.

While everybody else pauses for a breath of air, Gramma gets to open one.

A sampling of the holiday decorations with which CB blanketed the party apartment. And a partridge flew up the chimney, willy-nilly, you silly.



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Moodys and Smiths. Christmas Day 2010

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First order of the day on Kendrick Crossing Lane was to make sure a boy and his dog were infused with the joy of greeting another Christmas morning together. And here they are! See the doggy's shiny, twinkling eyes? (Photo by Teresa)

The company is obviously showing more nerves as the jingle-jangle of Christmas bells draws ever nearer. "Listen," shushed Fred above the gossiping noise, "listen, I think I saw some Christmas lights moving toward us from across the street. Wake up everybody. Oh, no! It was only Frankie and Connie pulling into the driveway. Dad blast it!!!" (Photo by Sandi)

Being lost did not mean being blind to a beautiful Christmas morning. Somewhere near Verona, Kentucky, looking out from Tranq the Van along Route 491 near I-71. (Photo by Frankie)

It was up a tad early on December 25th, 2010, leave the house by 8 o’clock so we get to eat breakfast at Peggy’s table in Shepherdsville, Kentucky, by ten. I had bet CB we could make the trip from Cincinnati in less than two hours, and while I was checking out Peggy and Joe’s address for my GPS, we flew right past the I-71 exit off I-75 and spent the next half hour finding our way through back ways and two lane highways to I-71 South, which took us way past my two hour estimate. Question: was it all coincidence? Sheer and totally accidental “coincidence” that missing our turn cost me my bet? Nah!!!!!????

It all worked out beautifully, Joe Frankie has built ramps for Junior, Jr, so that Randy, Ronald, Eric and he can push and pull me from the driveway up to the back porch through the sunroom into the kitchen where steaming hot food was piled high begging us all to take a tiny taste or two of the likes of country ham (deeeelicious), grits casserole, sausage balls, biscuits, scrambled eggs, peach preserves, orange juice, mimosa (champagne and juice), monkey bread (from the oven of Teresa and second in yumminess only to the country ham), and, of course, a steaming cup of coffee to put an exclamation mark on the break”feast!”

I was so hungry, I hardly noticed that I’d dragged my shoes off my feet in my haste to get to the breakfast table.

Nick and Tara had other Santa stops before Peggy’s, so we blessed them with a split second of silence and a split of champagne dumped into the orange juice, then  dug in until all buttons and zippers were undone before one or more of us blew a gasket in the breadbasket.

Trembling, Sandi and Tara anxiously await the grand opening. (Sony photo by Ronald)

To formalize introduction of attendees in case of any rumors or lawsuits resulting from our free-for-all party: Ronald and Charlotte had driven up from Tennessee Friday night;

Ronald, in serious contemplation of life's possibilities.Charlotte organizing her receiving line. Photo by Frankie.

Sandra/Sandi & Fred who were up from New Haven,

Ronald, Fred, Teresa, Randy & Eric watch enthralled as Joe Frankie (whom you may know as Santa Claus) performs the softshoe, as part of his annual pre unwrapping minstrel show. (Photo by Sandi)


Wow! This one looks like the outflung arm of Joe Frankie (in red sweater) demonstrating the dual purposes of the lowly snow shovel: clearing away snow and clearing your path of enemies who are trying to steal the goodies Santa's just given you.? L-R: Joe Frankie's arm menacing with a snow shovel, Charlotte, Ronald, Randy, Eric and (just a glimpse of) Peggy. (Photo by Teresa)


Randy, Teresa and Eric from across town;

Randy with bowed head, praying for that cap pistol he's been wishing ever so hard for, forever it seems. (Photo by Frankie.)

Peggy & Joe Frankie, hosts of the party; CB and I who had driven from Cincinnati by way of Timbuktu;

A closeup of Santa making supervising distribution of gifts. "Nobody goes home without something," he insists.

CB just remembering what it was she was hoping Santa would bring her this year: lots of calorie-free chocolate. (Photo by Frankie.)

and, bringing in a whole ‘nother sackful of sly but well-honed humor were Nick and Tara whose names sound like they came from a movie like “The Thin Man” (Nick and Nora).

Tara, "It looks a lot like one I've got at home!" (Photo by Frankie.)

Santa waiting for the rest of us to settle in and settle down before he jumps up to orchestrate his new yule piece, "Santa Visits Louisville as the Pied Piper," which includes strewing of the magi's gifts here, there and yond. And it is magical; no ever is skipped. (Photo by Ronald.)

Santa, having misplaced his hat, wore his new Cincinnati Reds' cap to give a proper air to distributing presents at our party. (L-R: Connie, Santa Joe Frankie, Nick & Sandra) (Photo by Ronald.)

Nick now has a place to park his beer and on a new score keeping corn hole stick. If he ever finds a time when he can drink a beer and not have to worry about being at the beck and call of the railroad (which one, Nick?). In the background Santa grabs more goodies to hand out to us greedy recipients. (Photo by Teresa.)

Definitely not a game! Nick and several others also found practical gifts under the tree, like this industrial strength snow brush and ice scraper which can also serve to ward off muggers. (Photo by Ronald.)

Nick has a new job as a choo-choo train conductor. Sounds like he’s on call just about all the time, has to be ready to hit the (rail) road a running within 2 hours of any hour they wanna disturb his beauty rest.

Seems like most of us have had some medical problems of one kind or another during the past year.

Randy’s been back to work for a while now after his heart surgery. Says he’s been walking on the treadmill for two years now and, despite promises from the medicos to the contrary, has not learned to love it.

Just recently both Peggy and Joe Frankie have helped pay for the extravagant lifestyles of their doctors. Peggy says she was checked over by a cardiologist because she seems to be tired all the time lately, and Joe Frankie, too, but I forgot why he went (somebody email me and tell me why so I can change this)

CB broke her toe trying to help an absentee daughter cope with a flooded basement in her Cincinnati home. “It hurts,” she says.

My cataract surgery a year ago and taking in oxygen 24/7, aided by an excellent no meat/no salt/no fat diet (when I’m not taking a vacation from it – which seems a tad too often of late) have helped me recoup some physical strength and lots of eyesight (although my surgeon is hesitant to operate on my other eye which also needs it because he has to stand during the entire procedure.)

There are probably other medical stories I’ve missed. Lemme know and I’ll include them.

Sleeping contest was a tie between Joe Frankie and Fred, although Eric was in the running for a while. Strangely, Connie wasn’t competitive at all in this field of seasoned veterans.

Peggy was showered with diamonds and things, with hand vacuums and cream, with music and a long list of stuff that very well represented the love of the givers. (Photo by Frankie.)

Obviously, I am a true coiffeur connoisseur.

Sandi, "Cataract surgery didn't do you a whole lot of good, did it, Uncle?" (Photo by Frankie.)

Sandra looks at the next chapter of fame and fortune in her life. "Not bad so far!" (Photo by Ronald.)

For example. I complimented Sandi on her new hair color. “It’s been this color for a year or more,” she said. “You’ve only seen me like this twice before you noticed.” Uh Oh!

For example, I commented on Teresa’s new hair style.

Teresa, speaking stylistically, of course! (Photo by Frankie.)

“I don’t have a new hair style,” she shot back, “but I do have a new hair stylist.”

Teresa also pointed out that taking pictures year after year seems pointless. “We all sit in the very same places.

L-R: Connie, Teresa, Charlotte. (Did we all take our "Usual places, Teresa?) (Photo by Frankie)

Nothing changes. So you can’t tell one year from the next unless you’ve got a memory good enough to remember who got which gifts which years.”

L-R: Connie, Teresa, Charlotte, Ronald, Peggy. (Photo by Frankie.)

The rest of us just sat there and watched the others take their places for the Santa phase and, sure enough, almost all of us plopped down in the same places we’d plopped last year and the year before. Talk about creatures of habit.

As always, Joe Frankie was our Santa Claus, perhaps because he’s the only one who has the patience to wait until everybody else has opened their surprises before he sees what goodies he has received. Peggy was my personal scribe, volunteering once again to make a list of who gave me what with the admonition that perhaps this year I should try a little harder to remember. (I’m trying. I’m trying.)

Santa with a puzzled look. So many packages. Which one to choose. And whose terrible handwriting is this anyhow. Bad enough they wrapped their stuff in them thar cheap newspapers. (Photo by Frankie.)

Gifts! Gifts! Gifts! Everywhere. If everyone’s take was half as good as mine, we all made out like Flynn. Look at all this. I got ice hobnail slip-ons from Sandra & Fred; a Paris (TN) cap & a Frank/Paris TN cup from Ronald & Charlotte; a fruitcake from Sandra & Fred; scrub wipes from Santa; a iHOME docking station (speakers and charger) from Ronald and Charlotte; Nook & Nook cover from all the Smiths (Nook comes with 500,000 FREE books, I’m told – wow!); Mighty Bright XtraFlex LED Book Light from all the Smiths – I’m always reading in the van; an animal magnifier, pen and key chain and flash memory from Randy, Teresa & Eric.

Then came the “fun” part. The grab bag where we all end up fighting for the same thing – paperweights for Charlotte. Charlotte got her paperweight again. I got a talking “Git ‘er dun!” bottle opening. CB got chocolate. Fred got a handy dandy tool chest on a keychain. Then I remember no more.

Peggy finally gets to open her gifts after kowtowing to me all afternoon. To help my nonexistent memory, she jobs down each gift and its giver before she starts shredding her own paper. My gifts are mixed with Peggy's on the coffee table. CB is keeping check on me from behind. It is my belief that the more a person looks like Santa Clause, the finer the treatment that person will receive from his/her North Pole benefactor. But what happens, I wonder, if one year everything is absolutely perfect? mmmmmm!!!!! (Photo by Ronald).

What in the world could it be? Really? I feel like Yogi Bear opening a pica-nick basket. Yum Yum Yum!" (Photo by Sandi)

I haven’t seen Nick’s sister Stephanie since she was 7 years old. Figuring she’s probably in junior, maybe even senior, high school, Nick replied to my query, “She’s 20 years old, Frankie!” What’s happening to those years, folks? I feel like Rip Van Winkle, sleeping my life away.

Opening all those gifts was a lot of work, so, we had to eat something afterwards to renew our energy. Ronald and Charlotte brought enough Trolinger’s barbecue for the feast and there was enough left over for CB and I to bring some back to Cincinnati accompanied by the delicious hot sauce. Then there was ham and sausage and cheese and potato chips and who knows what all else I must rely on secondhand descriptions filtered through two or three layers of verbal gymnasts. And more punch to power the pain pills down.

Peggy made her specialty punch which was so good that I begged a little more from her to drink on the way home – Damn, I forgot to clock our trip home to see if we made it in less than 2 hours! Oh, well, next year, I guess.

"No, Sandra, don't matter how big of a fit you pitch, IT IS NOT your turn to play Santa; you haven't finished elf school yet!" (Photo by Teresa)

Perhaps the fact that December 26th is a major milestone means Joe Frankie won’t be penalized for having a birthday so close to Christmas. Today (December 26, 2010) is his 75th! Congratulations! The old truckdriver just keeps on a truckin’ on down the road, pretty near as feisty as he always has been.

Two old men sitting in their comfy chairs: the one on the nearside waiting to serve up the good stuff from the North of Kentucky; the other waiting anxiously to be served goodies from the North of Kentucky. (Photo by Sandi)

After we sat letting the latest grub settle before we all took off, Joe Frankie went outside in the brrrrrrrr weather to prepare me. A little ramp for the doorsill between the Kitchen and the sunroom. Ramps for going from the sunroom to the back porch. Two looonnngggg ramps making a track for Junior, Jr, from the back porch to walkway by the garage and one more ramp from the walkway up to the driveway. Whew – makes me tired thinking about it. What wonderful people there are in my family, that they would have the patience and the kindness and the willingness to help make my Christmas Day every year. Thank you, guys.

"Man, was that hard work; is it suppertime yet?" Charlotte, Ronald, Randy catch their breath after all that energy-depleting box-lifting and paper trashing. Captured on video for others who follow so they will know where to sit! (Photo by Teresa)

Thence into Tranq the van, up the lift, transfer to the shotgun seat, slip into my navigator’s uniform and home, descriving in minute detail to CB each move she should make as we make our way home to the west side of Cincinnati.

As darkness marked the close of the 25th, the holiday lights of Cincinnati beckoned us to the north side of the Ohio River and home. (Photo by Frankie).

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Hey, Joan, didn’t we say we’d be back? December 23, 2010

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From the freezer-burned bottoms to the snow-dusted bottom lands between Englewood and Mount Orab and between Cincinnati and Mount Orab and between Sardinia and Mount Orab, came the uneradicable quartet, galloping as only Roy Rogers could have taught them, pulling up at the hitching post in front of the County Inn, hopping out of the saddle and swinging down to the snow smatter with the ease of those with much greater depth of experience.

“We’re here,” declared Bob, the host for the day. “I take no responsibility for the chicken and I refuse to participate if chicken gizzards are on the table.” Sure enough, the chicken sucked and the gizzards were grand, if not as grand as the bean soup.

“Look whom I have found,” grinned Bob. “Joan, our dear Joan is here and will be our server today. Joan who has served us now in two different incarnations of the Country Inn.” And so she was and so she did.

Meanwhile Afterwords, hardly a creature was stirring at the Mount Orab Library. “They’re killing us,” the librarian moaned. “Kindle and all those electronic books are


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Dayton’s Franco’s Ristorante Italiano: Instant Social Surgery (Lunchbunch operating). December 9, 2010

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A few minutes with Bridget Scholz. December 9, 2010

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One of Ohio’s most ardent Scrabble (copyright til you die) players is Dayton’s Bridget Scholz. I looked up her record on Cross-Tables and discovered not all that is alleged is fact. But it’s the best yardstick I could find.

Bridget has a lifetime Scrabble (copyright til you die) won-loss record of 320-399-4.

Bridget has played Willie more times in tournament play than anyone else in the world. 14times, winning 7 and losing 7.

She is 1-2 against CB.

There’s no record of her having played Bob in a tournament game.

Cross-tables shows I have a 2-1 record against Bridget, but I know that is not accurate. In 1986 she beat me twice in a single tournament – in Fremont, Ohio.

Bridget is nothing if not a fierce competitor. She takes a seat, gives you that trademark eagle eye, and proceeds to make mincemeat of you, not unlike the eagle preparing a rabbit for dinner after pouncing on the hapless critter from half a mile high in the sky. I suspect her win-loss record reflects a helluva lot more kills that those with which Cross-tables has credited.

Of late, However, Bridget has not been in great health. Trailing behind Willie who had brought a poinsettia, the Lunchbunch trooped into Bridget’s Room at The Hospice in Dayton, a rag-tag group come to cheer up a pal and who came away feeling like we’d been cheered up by her.

Among the thousands and thousands of 320-399-4. 7-7 against Willie. 1-2 against CB. Has not played Bob in tournament game (at least the record shows). Fle 1-3 (does not reflect 1986 Fremont tourney where she beat me, not once but twice).

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Ikea: What an idea for the Lunchbunch! December 17, 2010.

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The Lunchbunch has discovered an inexpensive and "not bad" restaurant for your dining experience, if not pleasure. Meatballs, mashed potatoes, cream sauce and lingonberry sauce, all for only $4.99! (Photo by fle)

The unholy quartet plus one: Bob De Tore, Willie the hyphenate (Swank-Pitzer), Frank Lee the bed bug of the bunch, Jude Bloomer of the sharp wit, Connie Breitbeil (CB) who, along with Willie, tries to keep us on track, in line, on time and still manages to have a good time because/in-spite-of all that! Photo taken by a generous young lady who allowed us to interrupt her lunch for this silly nonsense. (Photo by friendly passerby)

Our December 16th luncheon date was postponed by an arctic blizzard centered in Brown County, Ohio. By the grace of the snowplow, however, Bob was able to extricate himself on Friday the 17th and join the Lunchbunch yule festivities at Ikea (yes, I said Ikea) Home Furnishings in West Chester.

Even architects find it difficult to set a "cozy" corner dinette for a couple or three hundred folks in a humungous warehouse. No matter what, it still looks like a flimsy movie set in the middle of a huge concrete floor that's a barely enclosed building. Lights! Cameras! Action! (Photo by Bob De Tore)

Of course, it was my choice (wasn’t it ever thus?) as I looked for adventure. Had seen and heard reports the food was decent to good. We tried it out.

Scandanavian right down to its bright color scheme. (Photo by Bob De Tore)

The Swedish meatballs ($4.99 including mashed potatoes and some sort of meatball juice and lingonberry jam) were pretty tasty if a tad bland. We pretty much agreed, after thoroughly enjoying ourselves and some of the food that bland is the key word in describing Ikea. Ham was bland (although the red cabbage was delish). Chocolate cake was bland (although the Almond cake – I thought, and I was a minority – was tasty). Lingonberry juice/faux juice was good. Vegetable medallions were good. Beef vegetable soup (tasted canned to me). Vegeterian chili tasted like cumin and little else.

(l-r: Jude, Willie, Bob) Our Ikea festette. While all the tunes decidedly did not make the top 40, every tune got its turn at airplay. (Photo by fle)

Bob and CB discussing current world events and impending yule crises between bites of Ikea's savory meatballs. (Photo by fle)

Bob fell asleep barely missing a faceful of meatballs. (Photo by fle)

Bob glaring at me for having caught him on camera falling asleep over the meatballs. "I will get my revenge," the fierce look in his eyes seems to say. (Photo by fle)

It was my turn to pay and the $31 and change was so cheap no one else had to chip in to ease the fiscal pain which was easily remedied with water and an aspirin.

Don't blink! Don't even think of blinking, lunchbunchers, lest those deceptive layers of bright colors and belly laughs are stripped away to reveal the naked truth of underlying desolation. (Photo by fle)

But that all sounds negative when, in truth, December 17th was a day of joy for us four fulltime lunchbunchers and valued part-timer Jude.

Jude Bloomer rejoins our little group and pumps us up with her verve and sagacity. (Photo by fle)

While, like most similarly huge buidings, Ikea felt impersonal and cold, it’s cafeteria was colorfully appointed, it’s atmosphere vastly improved by the chatter of us five in the middle of laughter and tears and giggles and screams of a whole lot of mommies and kiddies and not an awful lot of daddies.

The light comes from the obvious joy emanating from the giggles and laughter and chatter and huge grins occupying huge areas in faces all around the room. Once in a while, you could see Ikea employees hurry to the cafeteria, stand and bask in the light of the mommies and kiddies for a minit and reluctantly push themselves back to their cobblers' benches. (Photo by fle)

Yule-gifting was joy-inducing. Willie and I gave Bob a GPS to help him find Troni’s from anywhere, from everywhere.

Bob gets a GPS which he desperately needs in his never-ending search for genuine New Yohk pizza in Ohio. Somehow that nose of his had been twitching in places it did not belong, giving him an inkling that he might be getting one. There's nothing now to stop him from going to Enosburg Falls. He also now knows how to find the "Way to San Jose," and, most importantly, the way to his beloved Lunchbunch. (Photo by fle)

CB gave Willie and Bob each a heavy duty snow scraper and scooper for their cards (no snowjob to small or too big for them now).

CB gave both Willie and Bob a super-sized, heavy duty, snow-and-ice scraper-cum-scooper, on some wintry mornings more important even than pooper scoopers. (Photo by fle)

Willie gave Jude a photo of Willie and granddaughter Kaety at the ice rink.

Willie's gift to Jude who obviously agrees that Kaety's cuter'n a baby kitten fightin' for a share of her mommy's milk. (Photo by fle)

I gave Willie an almost genuine cuddly kitty kat, except this one doesn’t poop, but purrs and cleans its nose and meows and, I hope, will keep her company during the long, cold nights in East Enosburg Falls, Vermont, home of her heart (Her real kitty was accidentally killed a while back in Vermont).


Itty Bitty Kitty. Cuddly but low maintenance. Purrs but does not poop. Licks but does not claw. (Photo by fle)

I gave CB new reading glasses that were kind of decorative and, best of all, allows her to now read the fine print, which is among her favorite. Bob gave everybody air in a spray can (kinda like a leaf blower). Willie baked Snicker Doodle cookies for us all (Yes, I ate one. Yes, Willie, it was the best Snicker Doodle I have ever eaten).

Willie stayed up late the 16th to bake snicker doodles for us all. (Photo by fle)

For CB, Willie found maple cream cookie in Vermont and brought them back with her all the way from Enosburg Falls. Oh, and Willie gave me some pure Vermont maple syrup to hold me over until my wild animal sausages come in (already, I salivate, I salivate – hurry, Santa, hurry fast). Willie gave CB and matching hand-knitted scarf and hat.

Jude, who’s still a working stiff, and who has the good sense not to be a Scrabble nut, parted ways after lunch while the four of us braved the cold streets over to the West Chester Library which, I swear, is one of the most impersonal, desolate, lonely places I’ve ever been, like a hotel on a Sunday (“Sunday Morning Comin’ Down).

Looking out onto the parking lot of the West Chester Library yesterday could make you bluer than Hank Williams on one of his worst days ("I'm so Lonesome I Could Cry"). (Photo by fle)

So much contrast to the warmth we’ve found over the years at the Lane Library in Fairfield, the Wilmington Library, even the Cincinnati Library where the rent-a-cops get after our asses nearbouts every time we go, and, of course, the Mount Orab Library unit in Brown County.

After fighting their way from general populations to a community room looking out on the desolate parking lot, CB and Bob trailblazed our way to a modicum of privacy where fellow library travelers would not look at us in askance with ever darkening frustrating and furious stares.

Willie with her most precious possession - her eyes and ears and on the world - the almighty CELLPHONE from which advice overfloweth. (Photo by fle)

Interestingly, Bob has not lost his ability to assure us he is absolutely, positively, indubitably certain of a word’s inclusion on “the list” only to find it is not. Never even slightly deterred, he keeps ploughing those crazy curlicues of furrows.

Afterwords - must there must there always be an ending? Well, this was one more. (Photo by fle)

Still, he trucks on, the experience of having played Scrabble since he was 8 and of playing ISC’s  computer on the internet for days on end for years on end pops up every once in a while. I think his streak of no defeats in Afterwords play is up to 4 weeks.

Dreary.. dreary.. desolate but play was brisk and bright, in spite of the fact I kept nodding off during my game with Bob. Come to think of it, Willie didn't have her book with her, did she? (Photo by fle)Willie and CB at the West Chester Library. One's looking for it; the other thinking about it; as it ever was. (Photo by fle)

Yesterday, Bob won 3, CB 2, fle 1 and Willie 0, continuing to play possum as we all rode off into the southwest Ohio sunset (well, just after sunset).

I chose Ikea. I paid. There was no tip, so CB escaped.

Bob’s choice next week is the newly-transplanted Country Inn where the bean soup is great and mebbe they’re back to making good fried chicken. CB pays. Willie tips.

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Choe’s: A most excellent repast on Beavercreek’s Greene 12/2/2010

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