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September 8, 2012. Lunchbunch. Mi Camino Real, Mount Orab OH. flebobcee, BUT where’s Wee-Willie?

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120906 Mt Orab OH Mi Real Camino Lunchbunch. Wall mural. Bob foto. Criptographic.

120906 LunchBunch Mi Real Camino in Mount Orab OH. Menu featuring Oscar’s autograph. flefoto. Criptographics.

Bob says we woulda gone to the little grill in his well-guarded and gated community where danger lurks wherever entry is sought. All the plans had been laid DOWN. All the maps drawn and quartered. EXCEPT they don’t open until 4pm. So, hippity hippity hop, we flop again at Mi Camino Real, where we’ve been often enough this past few years to be recognized at first glance. Where the people are friendly and the food is decent and they allow us to play Scrabble (copyright til you die) afterwords without having to push and pull me to a library down the street and up Route 68 past Radio Shack.

Another miracle that’s made my life much more accessible (to me) is the auto adaptor kit for my c-PAP (thank you, CB, for finding it) which allows me to wear my mask which helps me breathe almost effortlessly during short-to-medium trips.

Oscar served us for the first time today. Never missing a beat in the warm and timely response offered by Caesar, his predecessor who, we thought, might have been hiding in the kitchen to get some respite from this crabby, demanding, old folks. You can see Bob’s brain working furiously as he creates still yet another question to throw at Oscar without getting kicked out of there or led by the nose to the kitchen sink’s load of dirty dishes. Or is it ye old reflux yo-yoing? 120906. Good thing Bob exhausted himself talking on this Lunch Bunch Thursday, for his phone would lie fallow in CB’s purse for the next five days in CB’s purse where it had sprung in a desperate effort to make a home with an even bigger talker than master Bob. Criptographics. flefoto.

Just the three of us, Bob, CB and me. Willie is off wandering in Vermont again with her friend diddle diddle john, the hunter man who, she says, seems almost as cosy in Vermont as in his mobile hunting lodge somewhere on the Ohio-West Virginia border.

Oscar the server was serving the LunchBunch for the very first time. And, like Caesar before him, seemed to have radar installed to anticipate our needs and various types of medication to quickly counter ill effects of some of our silly requests.

Like roasted peppers. Tasty but testy (hot). Bob and I ordered two and ate one each. The other two I brought home to chop into the white beans my sister had given me the week before to the accompaniment or crumbling cornbread.

120906 cheese and chorizo and refried beans. Enough, it seemed for a while, to float the whole block for a few jarring moments of deeply pulsating bodily explosions. Criptographics. flefoto.

Bob’s spousal unit Joyce is on a protracted sojourn to the South. Not so bad, he can keep in touch by phone. But WAIT, CB dropped Bob’s phone in her purse! He has no phone at home. So, he’ll truly be Joyceless until next Tuesday when we meet again. And beyond.

CB got her usual steak fajitas; problem with multiple visits to a dining establishment (more than one) is that boredome sets in quickly and heavily, like a concrete horseshoe the school bully forced down your gullet, regardless of how good the food, service, appointments and all that stuff may have been that “first” time. NEVER spend the first one until you feel you absolutely must.

CB is lovin’ her steak fajitas, probably the 2nd most favorite Lunch Bunch Food at Mi Camino Real. 120906. Criptographics.

120906 Lunch Bunch seen through the sharp eyes of a guru-iet. “Laugh,” shouted the big guy in the bigger wheelchair; laugh, damn you! With a will! And we did!!!!!!!!!” Criptogra[hics. Bobfoto.

Bob had an enchilada and a tamale. I had a tamale (I do believe the singular form of tamale is “tamale”) and the stuff that normally comes with fajitas – beans and rice all around and all that other sour cream and guacamole and stuff. Followed by flan and churros.

A solid 7 for me and I heard no complaints from the other two until we started the Scrabble games.  I won 1 of 2. CB won 1 or 3. and Bob won 2 of 3. Unless, of course, I am mistaken.

120906 Afterwords. Bob is the designated loader and unloader of my folding Scrabble Board. 500 ins and outs with not one smashed snout – well, mebbe one, eh Bob? But nothing, absolutely nothing compared to a fast draw. Have you ever? I say, have you ever been victimized by a fast draw artist? ”Tis not something soon forgotten. No. Not at all. 120906. Criptographics. flefoto.

The conversion united that allows me to use my C-PAP in Tranq is a blessing, boosting me to eating spots around the area.

Thank you, Bob, for the tomatoes….again. What can be better than the taste of a fresh tomato? A tasty round of lip wrestling, he muttered confidently after a pause for thought.

I must also thank Mi Camino Real for the Mexican pop. Strawberry for me; Orange for Bob. Wow! Reminded me of the pop we used to sometimes be able to afford from the iceman down in Puryear, Tennessee. Straight from on the ice under the protective tarpaulin to my mouth, thence quickly, quickly, laid, down my throat, like liquid sandpaper cleaning my pipes. Wow!


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September 8, 2012 at 2:02 pm

The Battle for Lunch with the Lunchbunch 20 July 2012.a

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Willie nervously tests the food and the water, looking for good taste and also for suspicious warning signs that the Joycists are on the rampage. flefoto Criptographics. Peruano Sabor. Fairfield OH

I awoke in the pre dawn yesterday. It was Friday the twentieth of July. As I jumped off on cold, if invigorating icy floor tiles, I realized if I didn’t have my “A” game pretty much at its peak today, the Lunhbunch would be footless and almost certainly luckless in ways that one or two of the couldn’t even imagine.The T-Part air fighters had shredded much of Route 4 from Interstate 275 to Motherfuckuh Highway, effectively shutting down automobile traffic in the finest food zone on Cincinnati’s west side. Hell or any of its sides.

July 20, 2012. All of us (back: CB, Willie, and Jude; front: l-R=r: me then Bob with his Julie shirt) in full battle garb Lunchbunch 120721 Fairfield OH. Peruano Sabor. Criptrographics.


Plain ole jealousy.

Concealed behind these walls, the inside paint gun locker of the restaurant where our final hopes would lie if we were forced into fierce action against the Joycists. fotobyfle Criptograph July 20, 2012

Bob’s military wife Commander Joyce tired of hearing about the best pizzas, the fried chicken, soup’s of all sorts, cornbread of all sorts, carrot cake, flan and you-name-it pies, had called em out after p;ulling her battle gear from that huge waterproof bag she had suspended under the surface of the inlet halfway across the lake.

The Joycists resurrected.

Special guards, at the behest of LB members, have been hired by the restaurant to protect us from those who would painfully deny us our one sumptuousness of the week. (How dare they?) Lunchbunch 120721 Fairfield OH DSCF1025DSCF1006

Nobody was going to out brag her gourmand friends. oafter what seemsd like a hundred calls from my cellphone, I was able to have Willie desiccate construction site inspector. At thats site outside my favorite South American joint – outside Sabor Peruano. I had information a gang of Americans posing as illegals planned to make a big fuss – complex with hand pained

Family style dining gives each of us a taste of as many as a dozen appetizers/entrees/desserts/specialty drinks. Here is the pork and rice I order (and shared). First time in my memory that everything everyone ordered was superb, but especially dat crispy pork Lunchbunch 120721 Fairfield OH. Criptographics. bobfoto

signs, body and internet noise accusing me and others like me of huge pretense – pretending to love Latin American food to dilute its level of consumer delight in Cincinnati.

They were determined to drive us to the west side where there hasn’t been a self-respecting restaurant since Aunt Flora’s left for the Findlay Market and where running upon one good meal a year is  not unlike rediscovering the hope diamond, and that’s is we all agree on it.

Bob after months of intensive conditioning is obviously fit to confront the worst the Joycists can throw at him. Bob, on more than one occasion, has thrown himself between oncoming paintballs and his friends, including me. Quiet but loyal, I’d say. Yes, I’d say that. 120721 Fairfield OH flefoto Criptographics.

Which we don’t hardly ever. Even for real bank money.

I had been suspecting Joyce was up to something like this for

I called my friend Sarah who works there, who had sent me steaming bowlfuls of Peruvian food when I was in the hospital on the a-tip of the crust. Sarah rounded a half dozen of her friends and family up, commandeered their vehicles, including – can you believe it? – one with a chair lift and slipped us in through back entrance. All of us, that is, except Jude, the designated decoy was arrived normally late.

CB always getting up and down up and down to help me; poor kid. Lunchbunch 120721 Fairfield OH flefoto Criptographics.

Joyce’s crowd was left outside in the parking lot sucking hind tit and creaming of better days, of more effective days when the Lunch Bunch would no long have either the best meal or the last

CB had the green spaghetti probably colored by spinach whose flavor (thankfully) didn’t bleed through loudly. Peruvian food seems to include a heavy European influence (e.g.), namely influences from SpainChinaItaly, West Africa, and Japan (spaghetti). Out-of=state foods prepared with hometown foods. I like it a lot, but I’m not sure how the rest of the gang feels about it. Most don’t complain but also aren’t normally as loudly complimentary as I. Did I say the restaurant twice sent food, insisting on no charge to my friend who picked it up. First of all, how could I not love them, eh? Lunchbunch 120721 Fairfield OH DSCF1024

Don’t fool with the Lunch Bunch. Mess with us at the rest of have your ego busted.

Dirty table – No, I don’t think that’s the word at all, more like the ashtray after sex – I can still hear my friends full-throated purrs of satisfaction rumbling around the room as the crew changes the scenery for the third act of our Lunch Bunch – Scrabble (copyright til you die). Enough! They said. “Too much” (from the peanut gallery). “Blessed at the gluttons!” Finally a smattering of Joycists stepped out of their concealment to applaud our expertise in both ordering and eating and being all around nice folks. Still, looking at the quickly disappearing food one can not help wondering  how many tales the table could tell, for it heard and saw all, where each of us could grasps no more than a minuscule soupcon. Lunchbunch 120721 Fairfield OH flefoto. Criptographics.

Yesterday’s meal was, in MY OPINION, the best meal we’ve had: 2 soups, deep fried bacon and potatoes, onion salad, pork and rice, spaghetti, chicken steaks and rice, paella with its yellow rice (ordered eagerly by Bob but methinks NOT eatern eagerly by him), cookies that melt in your mouth, flan, all day long ….. all day long… till the Scrabbleboards (copyright til you die) come out.

Jude in full stride, like the rest of us, she’s a talker, and, like the rest of her, she has absolutely no chance of spitting out a single sentence of more than six words intact. Lunchbunch 120721 Fairfield OH flefoto. Criptographics.


I lost two.

But it didn’t spoil my day.

CB beat Bob. Not sure, but that could have been a day breaker for someone. Willie beat the piss outa me; don’t know how she fared against CB.

Sarah, server and savior. Who will neither forsake no shorchange.  Lunchbunch 120721 Fairfield OH. flefoto. Criptographics.

Then it was time to go, for willie to flow ahead of traffic.

For Bob to hit Dewey’s for a makeup pizza for Joyce.

Jude seafood soup. Willie and I do no like cilantro which is brought to the table in a little non-polluting bowl. Soup’s good. Lunchbunch 120721 Fairfield OH DSCF1025

Since the previous LB, CB had a colonoscopy after we made that emergency turnaround in Kentucky where some afoul was spilling out of her bowels.

All’s better. No cancer, it would appear.

Willie’s been to a wedding near Colorado Springs where her very best friend in the whole wide world (originally) from Vermont lives. Her photographs showed the devastation of that huge wildfire in the Colorado Springs area. Cases of water on the ground space regularly – comfort for firefighters. A beautiful wedding, she see. Hell trying to fly out of the SPRINGS, said she, especially for her friends trying to get back to Vermont, although it wasn’t a ride in the park for Willie, either, said Willie, to us all.

Willie brought Elk sausage from Colorado. Now that’s what I’m talking about. Already tasted it. Already like it with mustard and crackers. Doesn’t she look good in red? Lunchbunch 120721 Fairfield OH. flefoto. Criptographics.

Willie has been traveling like the headless runner of late. East Enosburg, Albany, Lake Champlain, Dayton, Santana concert, Colorado Springs, Fairfield OH (Lunch Bunch), and now to Findlay OH this weekend for more Scrabble.

’til dus

My Hopkins family had the first reunion without me in a bunch of years…well over ten. Still almost can’t get my mind over not EVER being able to go to Paris (TN) my hometown again. Certainly a prisoner of my own doing, but a prisoner nonetheless. Several Scrabble (copyright til you die) tourneys have called without response in Michigan, Tennessee, Ohio (this weekend, too). Slowly  the tope is being pulled tighter.

man, do we have a llot of dishes when we eat family styile big family with lots of tastes of lots of taste; and Karina who, too was commended as server/savior. Lunchbunch 120721 Fairfield OH. flefoto. Criptographics.

Not nearly desperate as it could be without my family and friends.

Both Ronald and Willie (and her trusty helper John) have put together electronic memory books for me. I try to watch one or both every day to feed the psychic hunger pains that threaten regularly.

our ammunition to their sorrow Lunchbunch 120721 Fairfield OH DSCF1013

Jude is looking for a job. Good luck, although the Lunch Bunch would definitely be the less without you, friend.

Happy Trails to you (channeled just for you from Roy and Dale)

Panera! Panera? The Yuppy Retreat? for Lunch Bunch? Not so bad, he see! Tuesday, July 10, 2012

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Hot as hell. Usual for this the hottest year…so far…in the history of weather record keeping in the state of Ohio! Perhaps in the entire state of the bemused.


We are being served from the counter. Fast food for ole farts and yuppies. Somehow seems a bit fancier than Mickey Dees and the like and the food, while not great, perhaps not even good, was wholesome tasting (How’s that for euphemism?). Soups, salads and sandwiches, mostly.

But we fought the desert winds and we won – actually we simply refused to wear out, for once.

CB and Willie wait with pleading eyes for food before their legs remove themselves to the glue factory. ‘Course I had to stop for a taste of their lemon chick orzo soup which was absolutely wonderful except it had no discernible taste, but an excellent example of the definition of bland. Still, we hung in there like two-toed sloths waiting for a slower-crawling slug to slowly make its way .. accidentally … into our mouths and down our gullets. Criptographics. July 10, 2012 flefoto

There were five of us. Willie and Bobby and CB and Jude and me the fle!

Salads may well be Panera’s specialties. Here’s a cobb salad for Bob. flefoto

Tromping into the Panera shop just outside the Dayton Mall this morning.

may have gotten salads mixed, bob and willie… both were good… willie’s with citrus much better….even if the food sucked, would have been a good time because we like spending time with each other. a lot. flefoto criptrographics

I lost two Scrabble games to Willie and Bob. Willie won at least one and Bob won at least one. Jude played and played and played. But not Scrabble (copyright til  you die).

Skirmish after skirmish, many barely hidden under the thick skin of experienced explorers as we searched for nuggets of goodness among the soylent green most of them seem to be determined to foist upon us. Here’s Bob deliberately considering choices which will thank his body late. Criptographics. flefoto

July 10, 2013. Willie and Bob, within the next next half hour from when his photo was shot, will be able to definitively grade Panera’s quality of food and service and restrooms and clean hands and evehthang. Criptographics. flefoto

Jude came, too, to add to our smiles of welcome and buddyism. Unfortunately, just as she is getting up to speed with out little group, she’s coming out of retirement to rent her skills on the buying markets. Good luck, Jude. I hope you have Thursdays (LunchBunch) off. Soup (lemon chicken orzo) and half a sandwich for Judy. She liked it, or acted a whole lot like she did. Criptographics. flefoto

July 10, 2012. CB had a trial after going to ER Sunday for intestinal woes. She insisted on today and made it through, by dogeys, to make her additional push, punch and shove examinations tomorrow. Criptographs. flefoto

July 10, 2010. Another day of talk talk talk until we run down….rest rest rest few a minit….then…talk talk talk……what is more wonderful that talking among friends, world’s best drug. Hands down. Over a meal shared by every one who shares… over Scrabble (copyright til you die)…..over all sorts of issues and visions with new found friendly folks, like the kid and his dad in the next pictures. Criptographics.


With Wee-Willie, it’s always christmas. Yesterday, too. Jolapena chorizo fresh from Vermont to go with those maple filled cookies. Yep, back from another jaunt to her second home in East Enosburg. Spousal unit John and she are slowly (over time, not speed) dragging their teepee to her old someplace across the street from the church up there, where her throne sits woodenly between two narrow walls, waiting. Mostly. For its prophecy also to be fulfilled.

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July 10, 2012 at 11:45 pm

They closed Stacey’s!! They chased us all the way across town. We were forced by a fusillade of hunger bullets to #1 China Buffet. Oh, the heartaches of Lunchbunch when we dare go to Wilmington!!!!!

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Willie remained incognito in a town far far away in New York or Vermont or some other exoerotic place. She’s just ended a 7 day Scrabble (copyright til you die) tournament in Albany. Wiped out and in hiding, I’d guess.

And then to be hit with an empty building where our favorite Wilmington buffet once dwelled so proudly, housing those warm and friendly folk so helpful, so solicitous.

Without a goodbye Without a note. Stacey’s is gone with its bread pudding.

Still it was a good day, except for the 100 degree heat that nearbout took me out.

CB with one last look at the scorecard before she begins preparing for our departure from #1 China Buffet in Wilmington. Bob is seated directly across her, hurling rapid fire good and sound reasons for losing that game they just played. criptographics. flefoto

Fifty miles for CB and me; fifty miles for Bob. Good food, tasted like somebody gave a damn as they prepared it. Even the fried pollock tasted good. Fried POLLOCK?

July 5, 2013 fle’s 500+ game against Bob at #1 China Buffet in Wilmington OH; note Bob’s congratulatory salute… thank you, sir.. :). Ain’t it wunnerful to be lucky once in a while? criptographics flefoto

Since the hospital we don’t go to the nearest library because of my lungs….  we look for eateries which allow us to play Scrabble (copyright til you die) after we are self-stuffed. Hey Hey Hey! Today I had a 500 game against Bob, an admittedly superior player….. and got my jollies for a week; that’s certain. Bob beat me first, though, badly. CB beat Bob.

Fle’s 500 game closeup. criptographics. flefotot July 5, 2013

Then it was takeout and take-home!

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July 5, 2012 at 10:36 pm

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20120611 Lunchbunch takes quick, secret lunch to Starlite in Kettering.

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Criptographics. fotobybob. 20120811 Starlite Diner. Kettering MI. wilflebobcee

Together. Again. One by agonizing one, we slip and slither into Kettering’s Starlite Diner for a sip and a bite and a piece of pie out of sight of the prying eyes. Hat brim pulled low to conceal flecks of sugar and flower and incipient madness. I’ll be damned! but it does seem the older we get the busier we become, some (Wilie, CB) externally, some (fle – me) internally and one (BOB) as busy as he has to be unless it is cat-connected. Willie is back from her place in the glacier. Surreptitiously. For a lunch, probably because she knows how wide a swath of warmth her shadow spreads on those days of communicating with the otherwise misunderstood.

Rumor is Willie is so short of time she’s being forced to take dirty underwear back to Vermont, says she might persuade John the Mighty to clean up her clothes while she  continues to clean up for the life they will have and live and love and luxuriate in. ‘Course she hasn’t got  lot more of her mom’s bushes to trim; most of them are in the city’s incinerator, gone to a far far better place.

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June 11, 2012 at 12:53 pm

May 24, 2012. Soul Food sold here! We so swear. Here and now. Hand on a bible. Hand on a spoon. Hell, I carry my spoon with me; theirs aren’t big enough!

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Lunchbunch has been to a lot of eateries during the past ten years. Some awful food from some; some tasty vittles from others.  Soul food. My grandmother who was very distantly related to that African woman 25,000 years ago, nonetheless could put on a cheap country meal with change spilling over from a dollars. Cora, who was less distantly related, had some of the best country food, probably even cheaper in Arkansas. Rmember that special food she’d cook for us every August that came down the pike? Bob never went to Helena because Bob didn’t wanna hear about that ole “blues” music. So he never ate any of Cora’s soul food. CB always went with us into Cora’s restaurant but never ate any soul food, although she did pick out a lot of excuses hidden about the cabbage leaves. I should back up and say everybody had a shredded pork bbq sandwich made by Hoss’s own hands, even those who stuck their noses up at what they thought was soul food. Something for everyone. Except me! I didn’t like the beer Cora sold and I didn’t care much for her chili; Anything else, I fight over quality definition.

But it’s 1012. Cora’s dead and I miss her. I’m dying and wonder whether I’ll still miss her and my other friends after the veil lifts/closes, as the case may  be. But I’m hoping I’ll be a dust mote; that’s my ultimate aim, floating f

March 1, 2012: Rib City (Cincinnati), You have climbed so very high to mediocrity! (120301 Lunchbunch Rib City)

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Wee-Willie must have gasoline for pee. How else can she be so speedy: rush here, flee there, take down the New York ThruWay, breeze by Lake Champlain and blow the paint off of Fort George? And afford all that fuel? My oh My!!!

Willie wasn’t with us again and seemed happy as a pig wallowing in warm mud to be playing “real” Scrabble players in “real” venues.

Bless her heart: the whole of the entirety of Lunchbunch’s singles have her back, and I’m told she did very well, although the first day is her ace. Seems to always have the luck on the first day only to face Scrabble fatigue the second day – Don’t worry, Wee-Willie, we’re working on it. Bob just bought a Skill saw; that should do the trick, eh?

Meanwhile back at the ranch, NO SCRABBLE! CB and Bob catered to me and went to the mightyJungle Jim everything store. I totally wore myself out, but I shopped til I dropped, picking up goodies you just caint get anywheres else. Where else, for example, do you find Asian Apples, AKA apple pears?

Bob walking gingerly to protect the newly-honed edge of his critial tongue which, as fate would have it, had a malfunction and was most "nice" to Rib City, the waitress and the food.

Rustic (in a fake sort of way) Rib City of Cincinnati.The lunch at Rib City, now moved over to Hooters on Route 4 at I-275, was good but not great. Sample tray for two for $32 and had everything in the world in it EXCEPT something special. I do like their mustard sauce and they have pretty good fried okra.

Bob looking for bad pizza; found, instead, some not too awful BBQ. Not for repeat, we all reported.

And here's the ole guy caught on a hungry day. "I want food! Gimme grub! Hey, you guys where's my damned food; I'm a sick man, you know (sympathy sometimes speeds 'em up) bobphoto. 3/1/1012. Cincinnati OH. CBFL apart)

120301 Rhiannon the server better than the food and more fun - secret to success? (flefoto 3/1/1012. Rib City. CincinnatiOH0

The last (and first) time we’d been there Rib City was an adjunct to Jungle Jim’s, kinda hidden out back.

I’m kinda sorry we didn’t pile in on a Scrabble (copyright til you die) game or two while we were in the area.

120301 Lunchbunch Rib City: the wood that sacrifices its flavor to the meat which the animals have sacrificed for us to eat.100_0364

Personally, it was a good day for me; I didn’t feel like falling over passed out all day, but my voice apparently is too weak to catch the attention of my pushers when I wanted to stop, go, gee or haw.  Practice. Practice. Practice.

100301 canada geese haunt the backdoor of Rib City. (flefoto. 3/1/1012. Rib City. Fairfield OH)

Still, as always, a good time was had by all and a great feeling of camaraderie was rebuilt for another week.

120301 Lunchbunch Afterwords Jungle Jims Fairfield OH Bob n CB at the checkout counter with goodies unheard of in Cincinnati until Jungle jim's. Former friend (the late frankie) used to tell the story how Jungle Jim started off with a vegetable cart to work his way to the larges supermarket in Cincinnati. I've seen at least one national documentary about it. Fake Elvises and all.

120301 "Animals? Do I got animals? Look at all of them thar varmints," puffed Jungle Jim.

120301 and to all a fond, if exhausted, farewell.

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