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Kids drive down for a refresher course this weekend, to refresh this old soul of mine: Connie-doo and Gabi. Danny, too! Whoopee ti i a! And sister Peggy and…and..Joe Frankie; it’s a wonder I could walk the next day! (Oh, you says I couldn’t? Damn!) August 30, 2012

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120829 Carrollton, Kentucky. General Butler State Park. Bright lights from god. Criptographics.

Just in time to rebuild my faltering electronic empire, daughter Connie and granddaughter Gabi drove down from Lansing last weekend to make my electronic gadgets better!

120829 Two Star Restaurant, General Butler State Park, Carrollton, Kentucky. Another of the miraculous tools that help me get out of the house: a 12 inch fan to blow air full force into my panic attacks. Annnnd it works! Sometimes. Criptographics.

My printer is printing again; thank you, Connie-doo. (This is a week later – printer is NOT working AGAIN) The printer/copier did NOT get back on track sufficiently to get back on line before Connie-doo and Gabi left. Still, if there is enough life left I’m pretty dawned sure it’ll all be okay in a little while.

120901 Gabi baked some cinnamon rolls for breakfast on Saturday. I grabbed me a yum. And what it was wuz yum. Criptographics. Gabifoto.

Connie-doo, aided by CB, returned WIFI control of our computers from the cable company to our own selves and got us back on line.

All the while, Gabi and Connie-doo were going through the throes of back to school blues/agony/excitement. Gabi had waited until the last minute to complete the summer homework for her special advanced classes. Later she emailed that she had finished it all, but that she also discovered it was all unnecessary, that she had mixed a course that required summer work with another (the one she took) which didn’t. She says yes she might pay a tad more attention next year.

Mexican takeout from the Cancun. Danny drove all the way from Detroit to have dinner with us. Steak Fajitas, as usual. Was feeling way out of sorts and so came down fo me brief R&R. By daylight, however, he was back on in the Motor City. Above l-r: Danny, Gabi and Connie-doo. Less than a week after this photo was taken, Danny was admitted to a Detroit hospital for observation. Unfortunately, we have been unable to get a reliable report (as of this writing).

There is an obvious hole there since Jacob has moved to Wyoming. I miss him. Damn, I wish that gal of his had a mom in Kalamazoo, too.

Successfully. Everybody’s back behind a desk chewing on pencil erasers and punching keyboards.

As time goes by, I seem to enjoy their visits ever more et more.

A garden artisan had created the perfect bullfrog out of two wheelbarrows in the hotel’s flower garden. I like it! Thank you, Gabi, for grabbing it (camera) for me.

120829 Flowers. Two Rivers Restaurant Hotel in Carrollton KY’s General Butler State Park. Criptographics. Gabifoto

Friday we all jumped into Tranq and tooled down to Carrollton, Kentucky, to celebrate my sister Peggy’s birthday at the Two Rivers Restaurant. Excellent fried fish and blackberry cobbler. Carrollton’s about halfway between Louisville (where my sister lives) and Cincinnati (where I live).

Good day! It’s good to have family and friends to love and cherish and adore and like, isn’t it?

120831 Happy Birthday Sister Peggy, nor shall we unzip, not even for a pipsqueak!!!! That which once might have been boring was wonderful. Criptographics.

120831 Happy Birthday Sister Peggy, nor shall we unzip, not even for a pipsqueak!!!! That which once might have been boring was wonderful. Criptographics.

En route to Peggy’s birthday luncheon, we stopped for a fresh fruit tort from Servatii’s bakery down the street from our apartment. Only thing better, my opinion, is tiramisu which doesn’t travel well, I’m told.

Family around the table at Two Rivers Restaurant in General Butler State Park, Carrollton, KY. L-R: Joe Frankie, Peggy, me, CB, Connie-doo. (Gabi served as cameraperson of the day). Criptographics.

Thing is, the white beans and cornbread pone she brought me from her own kitchen were worth half a dozen fresh fruit torts. Thank you, sister.

120829 Joe Frankie insists he is not a “talker.” There are those who disagree with him, however. I heard. Criptographics. My sister insists, “I just listen!” 120829

120832 Peggy’s B’day Part in Carrollton KY. My daughter Connie and her daughter Gabi (Gabrielle) also got in their fair share of giggles and clickety clacks. Criptographics. flefoto.

120829 Peggy’s Birthday Party’s server (Wouldn’t you know I’ve forgotten her names, both her birth name and her pseudonym. One of her attributes I admire: she doesn’t act like she’s doing you a favor by waiting on you. Criptographics. flefoto.

t heartily recommend General Butler State Park as a meeting place for lunch or an overnight visit. We’ve been there so many times, I see the beginnings of wheelchair wheel prints on the carpet.

120831 chicory blossoms n plant held by CB tweaked. Another food shortage in the Confederacy during the American Civil War was coffee. Someone discovered that chicory wasn’t coffee but also that it wasn’t too bad for a caffein junkie. Chicory was sometimes mixed with coffee, an extender, and sometimes substituted wholly for coffee. I was kinda shocked when I first learned years ago that those beautiful blue blossoms in ditches and fields everywhere I turned were the same chicory my grandmother’s coffee from the Standard Coffee man was flavored. Some say chicory coffee is favored over plain straight up coffee in New Orleans and southern Louisiana. Chicory. Criptographics. flefoto.

120902 Gabi did some back to school shopping and happened upon some of my favorite colors, like these bright orange britches

Sunday afternoon found us double-dipping, however. Danny drove his shiny blue car down from Detroit to get away from neighborhood hassles for a while.

120902. Chums. CB and Danny. She sometimes can find the words when the rest of us try desperately but futilely; I think he’s lucky to have such a friend. Criptographics. flefoto

“Sometimes it seems the ground rises, the sky falls and the outer walls of Detroit close in on my neighborhood” he said, “feeding my fear that ne’er-do-wells threaten the castle I’ve worked so hard to build and maintain.

“So I get away for a day or two of R&R. After which the visions of total destruction of my neighborhood lightens up a bit and I’m usually fine.”

Despite all the excitement, fear and uncertainty, we were glad to welcome Danny and have him with us for a few hours. Back home, he pronounced all was fine and back on track.

Danny also is one fine Scrabble (copyright til you die) player.


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August 30, 2012 at 12:11 pm