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Make ready for friends, fun and foolishness.(5 August 2012) HO! A Landcruiser Approaches!

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120805 squash and lemon bread from Barbara Dixon to frankly & CB hand delivered. Criptographics. flefoto

I know how a black hole feels now. Pulled all that matter into its embrace. Never to let go. Ever. Not hair nor hide heard of seen of it ever again. No. No. No. says the black hole. Mine. Mine. Mine.

I wave it way too much to let go.

Perhaps a mite of an exaggeration, but, yes, I do feel friends should stay forever when they visit.

Otherwise, what if I never see them again in this life. Never!

Still (back to reality) I feel so blessed when friends visit me for a few minutes or hours or days.

Yesterday, for example, Barbara Dixon drove all the way down from Lafayette, Indiana, for a game and conversation and a thousand tiny exchanges of good feelings.

Barbara Dixon n fle at cbfl 120805. Criptographics. CB foto

Thank you, Barbara.

Bringing with her a delicious gift of squash and lemon bread – I don’t think it’s going to last the winter, Barbara; I have my doubts it will not crumble by taps this evening.

Barbara also brought a living gift with her: Brad Charlotte whom I haven’t seen in several years. He, too, bearing gifts…. of chow-chow…. relish I relish with my beans, be they white, pinto, black, black-eyed or crowder!

120805 Brad Charlotte and Barbara Dixon at CBFL.

Thank you, Brad.

Thence games (Brad vs CB; Barbara vs me) and extending befriending for most of the afternoon.

120805 CB demonstrating mechanical possibilities of a folding Scrabble (copy til you die) board to Barbara (left). Brad appears to be watching clandestinely. Criptographics. flefoto

It occurred to me this would probably be the last time EVER I would see Barbara and a dark sadness rose – bile – souring, it seemed, the whole of my insides. We assured the other we’d make the effort to make a lie of that fear, and so a tiny sprig of hope sprang up near the back of my beard.

Balancing act when I see one of my loved ones (kin or friend) which I don’t expect I’ll ever see again. Crying and laughing. Crybabying and giggling.

At the end of the day, however, I ALWAYS realize how very much I appreciate their presence in my life and know, regardless of anything else, they’ve ridden shotgun on many a mile of this superb ride.

Brad brought chow-chow; thank you very much. Criptographics. flefoto


Written by frankieleeee

August 6, 2012 at 3:51 pm

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  1. I sure hope some pix follow mi amigo

    Bob De Tore

    August 6, 2012 at 4:22 pm

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