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August 2, 2012. A few minutes for me, if you please, she pled, as those of us who had survived ploughed into that delicious pizza pie! (Deroma Italian Restaurant. 6254 Chambersburg Road. Huber Heights. OH. 937.233.3602)

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120802 LunchBunch. jimmy Troni the owner proudly shows off the facade of his eatery which has far more depth of quality and goodness and yumminess than most.

But I’ve been gone all summer long, it seems. She sed. I’d love to party near my palace. For a change. We never never never come here anymore.

Okay, said they. Let ‘er rip and we’ll make ready and slip… into your town just before noon… when nobody’s watching… when the chances of catching us..are … well … chanceable.

Huber Heights, Ohio, it is! Deroma pizza owned by the brother of Sir Robert’s have za maker Troni’s, except it’s across town.

“Love this deroma pizza,” Judges of a different ilk, all satin and silk. 100802 deroma in Huber Heights OH. LunchBunch wilflecee. Criptographics

Sir Robert, what is this?

I am under the weather, sir, I shall attend to show my respect for the princess. I musteth, must I.

CB, Jimmy and ME fle.Time out from crowded lunch hour, as if General Eisenhower had come in for a chai and a chat. Criptographics. fotobywillie

By the time the rest of us had arrived at the aging – and not at all well – shopping center, Princess Willie and Jimmy Troni, along with Amanda and Hallee the super supporters, had created an artsy welcome for us.

‘Course they had plenty of time; CB and I got lost twice in downtown Dayton, delaying our entrance by a long stretch of the imagination.

Yummy Pizza, even Bob (we all think) would fall for. Criptographics.

Stromboli has become my favorite Italian food. When it’s good. Criptographics.

Sausage best Willie and I’ve tasted. I thought the bun sucked sour apples. Be interesting to have had Sir Robert climb down from his high horses to test taste… if fen he had’t been so durn sick. Criptographics. foto by Willie

And Sir Robert had spent most of his morning searchhing Brown County for a regal motorized port-potty, which explained his tardiness. Had promised he’d be there. He was there. Wouldn’t get out. Said he couldn’t. Wouldn’t try the pizza. Said he’d already tried the best.

But he did park his horses (Did I mention his regal porta-potty had been borrowed from a gypsy caravan parked not far from his and Joyce’s home on Lake Makaka?) at an advantageous angle where he could, using his camera’s telephoto lens, keep his eyes on the Lunch Bunch he was destined to participate in as an observer. I think he had some chalky flavored gunk he was forcing down as we scarfed down squid rings, okra balls, pizza, sausage hoagie and stromboli, not to mention baklava and tiramisu, all of which were superb (exc pet the bread which sucked) (except the pepsi which tasted of additional, if unwelcome, chemicals).

Amanda bringing the sweets to Princess Willie, hostess of our not-t00-tawdry affair, saying she could not, for the life of her divide the tiramisu into third portions and that she also failed to pass the test for dividing the chocolate baclava (mmmm mm) into thirds. Guess nobody told anybody about using a cold knife blade, eh? BUT! Dessert was superb. Criptographic. flefoto

Wouldn’t even come in for Scrabble (copyright til you die) where CB played Willie and me simultaneously and where then Willie played CB and me simultaneously. I remember winning one game, which is above average for me of late.

Later on in the afternoon as Princess Willie’s shoes started to lose their shine, nature’s way of reminding her the concert was not to be denied, nor would she have had it any other way than giving and showing her love for the oldies but oldies she was bound to see last night. After a sound but short nap of course. and a new shoe shine.

CBFL finally settled down  in Tranq listening to John Grisham’s “The Last Juror” all 65 miles home.

Willie and CB cross the Scrabble (copyright til you die) board with hard-nosed determination. No one yields until one is dead in the water, drownded in letters and numbers. fotobyfle. Criptographics.

It ended too soon.

Thank goodness we’ll do it again.

If enough of us are alive and up to it.

I give deRoma an “8.” CB a “7.” Willie acted a lot like she liked it, although I didn’t hear or see a specific number.

Sir Robert, as I recall, limited himself to several snorts before he clucked his toilet back to the boonies.


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August 3, 2012 at 1:08 pm

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  1. LunchBunch Rules!!! I want the squid rings 🙂
    Cousin Diane


    August 4, 2012 at 3:25 am

    • Wow. My comment is awaiting moderation… I didn’t say any bad words..


      August 4, 2012 at 3:26 am

  2. I hope you approve of my comment Mr. Moderator. So glad to see you out and about. Love You. Diane


    August 4, 2012 at 3:28 am

  3. I wonder how the sausage would be if wrapped in pizza dough and baked with peppers and hot pizza sauce. Just a thought. Thanks for taking me to lunch.

    Bob Cobb

    August 4, 2012 at 11:08 am

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