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It suddenly occurred to me that with as many families as I come from down there – Moody, Smith, Mc Swain, Sutton, Hopkins, Culpepper, Hastings, and about a zillion more – we got our fingers stuck in every pie from mud pie to apple pie. And so, dear friends, I confess the battle is not to them. But to US

I’m Surprised to find relatives everywhere: Moodys on HnCoTn Planning Commission here. Everett Moody and Harold Bass, whose mother was a Moody, are, along with a passle of us, descendants of the three Moody brothers who traipsed across Tennessee way back when. Just like our great great grandpa: yes gotta make sure it’s done right so we take it in hand to tell em all how. Criptographics.. Paris Post-Intelligencer. Tuesday, July 10, 2012. DSCF0556

But even more I’m surprised how agonizingly long it takes me to figure stuff out, like Pogo (is that the correct character) told us decades ago: We have met the enemy and it is us! When I was a kid I was scared toooo death of the police, for example. My daddy sicced a beat cop on my but in front of Paxton’s Grocery in Porter Court one time because I had swiped a little bag of candy from the candy shelf. Big cop comes up and scowls and frowns and assures me in the meanest voice he could conjure that if ever he heard of my doing something like that again, my ass was grass and behind bars.

Don’t think I got to eat even one piece of that candy.

There’s another bunch of us that owns the businesses by the score, i.e., that’s is taking control of the economy around Paris. Poor Parisians. Mebbe we can get em back on the frm after they’re been in Paree?

Had I stayed in Paris instead of falling in love and running away to bigger pastures, who knows what a big guy I’d be in town. Mebbe in charge of propaganda, controlling information we give to the public to make sure those bullets they shoot at us are blanks?

Today, I could go through the roster of the Paris Police Department and the Henry County Sheriff’s office and find a gang of closer and farther cousins and such working there. Rod and Ron Frey, (Henry County Judge) Carter’s grandsons, although no kin that I can find, were practically next door neighbors and kid-buddies. I remember well the old chemistry set they gave me for Larry Grainger and me to play with and attempt to blow ourself out of Granddaddy’s “shop” – half shop and half chicken coop. Seems like lots of the Smith boys are among the constabulary around Paris, mostly  from my brother-in-law Joe Frankie’s line – his mother Corene was a Hastings cousin. Etc. Etc. I’ll have to pause for more than five minutes some day and figure out just how many of us are controlling the governments and police of Henry County, TN. Have you looked back over your own shoulder? To me it’s kinda like running away from yourself every time you screw up. How the hell can you escape your own self? Even if you try real hard?

Hell, I’m even descended from the McSwains, according to cousin Johnny. Including the husband of the Librarian. What kinda pull is that? Controlling in-coming and out-going information, just sitting there with a big stampee thingee : WHAM! This one won’t do at all. BAM! Don’t know how this one made it through the postal system, but git it back out anyway you can ‘s long as it’s a fast way.

And the blood drips slowly but surely on my poncho, my once free thinking poncho.

Sez I better come outa retirement and set thangs right down there…. ‘Suppose I could get a medivac ‘copter to pick me up here in Cincinnati and set me down there right in front of where WTPR used to be, right above the Davis (women’s wear) Store and set up a purification station at the top of the states where the boys and girls and playboys and playgirls and horny toads used to have deep and serious conversations by the minute. A dollar a minute, or it might been fifty cents back in ’60. And cleanse this town of all of its MOODYs; you know you can’t trust a one of us, not yet, anyhow


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July 16, 2012 at 6:34 pm

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