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July 8, 2012. Gramma Martha Hopkins Annual Birthday Party Reunion. For me from afar for all my tomorrows. (Hopkins Reunion)

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What if you had a party and nobody came?

Or. What if THEY gave a party and YOU couldn’t come?

The Hopkins Reunion last Sunday in Paris, Tennessee, home of my heart and many who reside in my heart. I didn’t go. I could ‘t. I blame my COPD. Too many hoses, too many machines, too many visiting hospice norses assuring me I’d be in deep doo-doo if I left town and got into trouble out of town because they don’t cover that ground?


Thank goodness, brothr Ronald and niece Sandra took a lot of pictures.

Thank goodness Wanda gathered signatues from everyone which she included in that beautiful card I received in the mail yesterday along with the card and note from Vita.

Sad as I am about losing such a chunk of my life, I am so lucky to have so many friends, so many family members who are also friends.

No cornbread. No black-eyed peas. No blackberry cobbler.

The face of our reunion is changing dramatically. Aunt Maxine died short weeks ago, the oldest of Grandmother’s children,, leaving only Aunt Margaret.

Uncle Willie’s kids seem to have stopped coming after the deaths of their spouses and/or siblings.

Forty showed up Sunday. It looks like there’s a brand new field of beginning seniors who will take up the staff of memory keeping for the Hopkins family.

L-R: lap and folded hands of Joe Frankie Smith, husband of Gramma’s great granddaughter (my sister) Peggy Moody. Gina Hopkins, daughter of Gramma’s cousin, Eli Hopkins. Dana Harvoth, daughter of the late Rebecca Hopkins, daughter of Eli Hopkins. As close to the olden days of rocking on the front porch and swapping stories, keeping them alive for the next year and the next generation. And showing pictures. Pictures. Jump starting our memories of people we used to love as much as ourselves. Or liked a lot. Or knew only slightly in passing. Picture of lives we thought would be with us forever. 120708 Hopkins Reunion, Paris Tn Ronfoto IMG_2010


120708 Hopkins Reunion, Paris Tn Ronfoto IMG_2010 Wanda Green Sykes, the tomato lady (Ron got my tomatoes this year, she see, as I sobbed)

anna lou owens hopkins n spouse Hopkins Reunion. ParisTN. July 8, 2012IMG_2020-001 Ronald photo

Barb n doy family2 or dup of 1 Hopkins Reunion. ParisTN. July 8, 2012IMG_2032-001 Ron Shot


Barbara Webb and a handsewn quilt in the works at the senior center. A reminder of the quilts Grandmother used to make in the wintertime. I can still see, in my mind’s eye, the big quilting frame hanging from the ceiling, after she had sewedalll those tiny patches into beautiful patterns. Outworn shirts, dresses and god knows what else would rise to the discernible eye. Criptrographics.

Ronphoto. Barb and son and his die and their son. Sandrashot. ParisTN. Jul 8, 2012. Hopkins Reunion. Criiptographics. My earliest memories of Doy, I believe, are in church at Mansfield Baptist Church where all of us went way back then : Uncle Sam and us; Uncle Jay and them and seemed like all of Mansfield wuz Baptists.

Barbra talking to yet unid Hopkins Reunion. ParisTN. July 8, 2012IMG_2027-001-1

ben nixes son john warren Nix and two children Hopkins Reunion. ParisTN. July 8, 2012IMG_2037-001


cousin elis family Hopkins Reunion. ParisTN. July 8, 2012IMG_2030-001

fred n sandi n randy Hopkins Reunion. ParisTN. July 8, 2012 IMG_2019-001

Hopkins boys n wives Odell Hopkins Reunion. ParisTN. July 8, 2012IMG_2035-001

JOE frankie and Hopkins boy Hopkins Reunion. ParisTN. July 8, 2012IMG_2017-001

Hopkins Reunion. ParisTN. July 8, 2012IMG_2029-001

File name: j-f-smith-and-ron-moody-sanshot-hopkins-reunion-paristn-july-8-2012p1010310.jpg

File name: jim-forsythe-n-teresa-n-fred-harned-sanfoto-hopkins-reunion-paristn-july-8-2012p1010306.jpg

Jim Forsythe. Hopkins Reunion. ParisTN. July 8, 2012IMG_2014

Joe F et all Hopkins Reunion. ParisTN. July 8, 2012IMG_2022-001

Joe Frankie and others. Hopkins Reunion. July 8, 2012. Paris TNIMG_2013

john warren etc better teweaked Hopkins Reunion. ParisTN. July 8, 2012IMG_2038-001-1

Kay (far right) sisters n niece Hopkins Reunion. ParisTN. July 8, 2012IMG_2015

File name: keeper-kay-hopkins-and-ozella-hopkins-sanshot-hopkins-reunion-paristn-july-8-2012p1010309.jpg

File name: my-sister-peggy-moody-smith-and-kay-hopkines-forsythe-sanshot-hopkins-reunion-paristn-july-8-2012p1010313.jpg

File name: not-sure-couple-sanshot-hopkins-reunion-paristn-july-8-2012-p1010319.jpg

not sure thinks its connieowens Hopkins Reunion. ParisTN. July 8, 2012IMG_2036-001

File name: odell-hopkins-n-peggy-moody-smith-sandrashot-hopkins-reunion-paristn-july-8-2012p1010307.jpg

odell n brother n wives nelda and anna Hopkins Reunion. ParisTN. July 8, 2012IMG_2034-001

Ozellas family Hopkins Reunion. ParisTN. July 8, 2012IMG_2033-001

File name: p1010318-red-truck-thru-window-may-be-randys-sanshot.jpg

File name: peggy-and-doy-and-doys-dau-in-law-methinks-and-her-son-sandshot-hopkins-reunion-paristn-july-8-2012p1010322.jpg

File name: randy-n-ronald-sanshot-hopkins-reunion-paristn-july-8-2012p1010316.jpg

File name: talking-around-thee-table-sanshot-hopkins-reunion-paristn-july-8-2012-p1010315.jpg

Teresa Smith IMG_2016-001

File name: vita-sykes-dalton-sanshot-hopkins-reunion-paristn-july-8-2012p1010308.jpg

File name: wanda-n-ozella-and-timmy-wife-hopkins-reunion-paristn-july-8-2012-sand-pic-p1010314.jpg

File name: wanda-n-timmy-n-oella-n-timmy-wife-hopkins-reunion-paristn-july-8-2012p1010311.jpg


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