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120202 Lunchbunch wilflebobcee. Golden Corral. Dayton O. Intrepid quartet uncovers remarkable method of food production, thanks to Asaac Asimov.

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I looked at the pictures; I looked at the blog; I looked here; I looked there; I touched greasy, slushy, smelly stuff in dark corners until – voila – I found the residue of our Lunch at the Golden Corral in Kettering OH. Although, as a rule we don’t go to chain restaurants, since I’ve been fairly severely limited in my movements, we go where they say we can play the rest of the day after lunch the game that brought us together.


criptographics. Feb 2, 2012. Bob! Look at Bob! Golden Corral in Kettering has upset him so much because it refuses to give him ammunition to fireback with. “No fair having half-ass decent food, he says. No fair at all.” And so as he plays Scrabble afterward he cannot resist the temptation: he bangs the table, shilly-shallies the window curtains and ….. and … I forget what all.

Golden Corral. Now serving. Here Piggy Piggy. Be nice. No smacking of your lips and no violent movements of your hips. Criptrographics

Feb 2, 1202. Here comes Kelley, tap tap tapping her way through the crowd, desperately seeking her way to our table where she can once again offer us much need iced tea sweet, iced tea unsweet, diet coke no ice without which we would surely collapse inward upon our own selves. Looky, looky, at my yule bib; see how proudly I wear it; see how gladly I bear the cheap cloth that promises to protect me from spillages of all sorts.

Criptographics. 120202 None of us believe another of us when it comes to Scrabble (copyright til you die) words. Thankfully, Wee Willie the Wistful one is equipped for almost-instant analysis.

One of Golden Corral’s biggest boosters if CB, especially on hamburger night or steak night or beef or pork roast night. Wearing my Scrabble (copyright til you die) throw. Criptographics.

Yeah, I’s there, too, for the food. for the bonhomie. for the scrabble. for the “get outa the house effectiousnessity”


Written by frankieleeee

May 29, 2012 at 12:38 pm

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