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May 24, 2012. Soul Food sold here! We so swear. Here and now. Hand on a bible. Hand on a spoon. Hell, I carry my spoon with me; theirs aren’t big enough!

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Lunchbunch has been to a lot of eateries during the past ten years. Some awful food from some; some tasty vittles from others.  Soul food. My grandmother who was very distantly related to that African woman 25,000 years ago, nonetheless could put on a cheap country meal with change spilling over from a dollars. Cora, who was less distantly related, had some of the best country food, probably even cheaper in Arkansas. Rmember that special food she’d cook for us every August that came down the pike? Bob never went to Helena because Bob didn’t wanna hear about that ole “blues” music. So he never ate any of Cora’s soul food. CB always went with us into Cora’s restaurant but never ate any soul food, although she did pick out a lot of excuses hidden about the cabbage leaves. I should back up and say everybody had a shredded pork bbq sandwich made by Hoss’s own hands, even those who stuck their noses up at what they thought was soul food. Something for everyone. Except me! I didn’t like the beer Cora sold and I didn’t care much for her chili; Anything else, I fight over quality definition.

But it’s 1012. Cora’s dead and I miss her. I’m dying and wonder whether I’ll still miss her and my other friends after the veil lifts/closes, as the case may  be. But I’m hoping I’ll be a dust mote; that’s my ultimate aim, floating f


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