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Welcome back Breitbeil clanswoman Pamela (flefoto CBFL apartment in Cincinnati)

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Pamela came running home. Oh yea. To feed her flock and punch her clock. And. California will never be the same. Again. (flefoto file photo taken 201105080)

Having taken leave of her local contuses and stuff, CB daughter Pamela came home today, ferried by air and a friendly relative who staved off severe losses until all was made better. A combination of personal business, she says, and yet still one more chance to work at the circus, a job that’s been growing on her in three or four different states of late. Welcome home to Pamela and Sally the blackdog and queen the black dog.

041222 (from the files of flefoto)

Happy Mother’s Day! Glad you all made it home safely. Glad it’s still early enough in the daytime of your lives to have a place you can call home.

Can’t somehow decide whether I’m glad y’all are all alive and wisely-like; seems to me that’s opinion entirely up to you.

Now, doesn’t it?

I also heard some folks in the family had received their first communion today.

Whaaaaa WHOOOOOO! Jumpin Jiminy Cricket and hoooooooooly cowries!

I sat my big butt in the chair and took cellphone lessons on how to borrow library books from public libraries with the Nooks we got for Yule last year. Didn’t finish my lesson, but I think I can do it by tomorrow…..or the next day…. next week for sure.

Dianne with whom I used to work in Lansing and who used to be codirector of Scrabble tournaments in Lansing, retired from the Fire Department in Tempe AZ last week and is driving down to give me a hug tomorrow.

Living in a retirees-only building can be painful at times….and is..for me. My buddy Wade is back in the hospital this week. Guess they’re right when they say that’s what we come back for…. to die. Course, I may be a little more anxious than normal what with taking orders from Hospice of Cincinnati.


Written by frankieleeee

May 14, 2012 at 4:09 am

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