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February 26-27, 2012. Then there were Janice and Roger Gross.

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So THAT's whwat friends are for! (CBfoto. 2/26/2012. Cincinnati. OH. l-r: Janice Gross, me-fle, Roger Gross)

A Santa Clause surprise… or was it the Easter Bunny… to find Janice and Roger Gross at our front door just ahead of the academy awards and how fitting in that both of them deserve special awards from me for all the help and kindnesses they have rendered over the years. Enough just for what they’re done for me. Multiple clusters and leaves for what they’ve done to help people in the 25 years I’ve known them.

Janice was among the first members of the Michigan Polio Network where I desperately went when I thought all hope of  any hope for my life was gone. A career down the tubes. A body quickly following suit. But Janice and Charlene Bozarth, then-president of MPN, pumped and punched and pounded and pled until I started breathing again. Very Slowly at first.

“We need a newsletter, boy; can you put one together for us?

“Put some of that experience in your briefcase and pull it out when we need help.”

Roger was the legal beagle, always there, always willing to give  hand.

Seems like we were all guided by the hawk-eyed Janice. She never missed a trick, even when she failed to point out foibles and missteps.

Janice & Roger Gross, two of the most supportive folks I've ever met. She kicked my butt out of miserable depression after I joined the Michigan Polio Network and Roger joined right in. "Thanks" is insufficient. (flefoto. 2/26/2012. Cincinnati OH)


Written by frankieleeee

February 27, 2012 at 2:50 pm

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  1. Frankly: I don’t know Janice and Roger, but I am very thankful they helped you pick up and go forth with your life, because if they hadn’t done so, I would never have met you. Thanks Janice & Roger!

    Love, dg

    Dianne Garrett

    February 27, 2012 at 8:30 pm

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