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120224-25: Dr. Julie, Definition of Special Friend (February 24-25, 2012. CBFL apartment. Cincinnati OH)

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CB and Julie Avery in our Cincinnati apartment. (flefoto 2/25/2012. Cincinnati OH)

As some of you know I’m sending a “death letters” (I suppose you could call them “goodbye” letters) to friends and kin as I begin preparations for transitioning to a new plane, I know not what.

The purpose is to try to tell folks why they’ve been so special in my life.

The result has been several like-responses and a lot visitors I honestly thought I would never see again.

Two such sets of visitors this weekend. Dr. Julie Avery, my friend for more than 25 years, drove to Cincinnati from Lansing MI, and Janice and Roger Gross also special friends from my days with the Michigan Polio Association.

A (last?) visit. Currier & Ives could not have bested this one. (flefoto. 2.25.2012. Cincinnati OH)

We reminisced over two days…and … let me tell you .. it’s impossible to catch up…but we did share words and sentences and paragraphs and pages, each and every one filled with warmth and humor and love. I reveled. Tiring? Who cares?

I met Julie when I woked for the Michigan Department of Education where I was editing a Special Education Instruction booklet and she for VSA MI (Very Special Arts MI). She’s in the process of retiring from the State of Michigan where she’s worked for years at the Michigan State University Museum.

Fle & Julie suspended by the light. (flefoto. Cincinnati. 2/25/2012)

When she left, the impact the never seeing her again was deep and heavy and a heavy sludge of hertache, as I imagine will be the case with all my friends and even some of my kin.

She took with her a bottle of my favorite alcohol, hard apple cider, to share with Steve.

Julie's husband Steve in obvious extremus anticipation of the elixir from Cincinnati. (Julie foto. 2/26/2012. Lansing MI)


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