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120216 – Lunchbunch flebobcee – Lake Manor Restaurant, Mt Orab, OH.

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Peace in Mount Orab for the Lunchbunch yesterday.

and bangalang lang lang! We were on time in time plus a few this morning. Lake Manor: 16 different kinds of fudge (of which I bought 16 bites)

Lake Manor. Last time I was here I was stuck in Tranq for over an hour; yesterday, I's like a pogo stick. I doooo like friendly people. I do, he said.

and the best doggoned salad buffet there ever was piled on a conservative buffet table in this ole boy’s lifetime (which I bought 39 – 42 bites). Must have been lousy nutrition; it was way too delicious to be good for me… or anyone else. Even under deep purple and pink hypnosis.

Lunchbunch and Scrabble always chasing each other up and down the levy.

We arrived under pretty pewter skies dripping mead here and there. We settled in at our round table… the usual one….. and we noted the absence of Wee-Willie. Where. Where could she be. Found an email: she found low air rates (riding on top of the plane’s cab in a cage with Presidential candidate Romney’s dogs) for Las Vegas and points west where Scrabble (copyright til you die!) is being played energetically with vengence where eyeballs turn bright red in the lust for victory; Willie will be absent for three weeks while we who are left behind struggle to makeup

We played where we ate (stead of the local library) to make it easier on me until the gods regenerate me.

Angie always has a smile and charm. One day by pedometer she walked more than 14 miles in a single waitressing shift. Good thing she's not being paid by the hours.

Angie made our little group cozy and right with her bright smile and boundless energy (one day I checked,, she said, with a pedometer and found I’d walked more than 14 miles during a single shift here — wow!)

Lake Manor's salad buffet: best in the west if not great for diets! Keeps me going back, even if Bob insists on revisiting, I have a great fallback: Lake Manor.

I played CB and Bob simultaneously. Lost to Bob.

Bob won two.

Bob’s ego was seen creeping slowly from his collar hole and wrapping itself around his disheveled hair, smoothing it into a fantastic pompadour.

As we play, Bob, between coffeehousing grenades, teaches us music appreciation. “You take your modern country music,” he says, iffen they’s wimmin folks, they okay with me, but them thar guys they cain’t sang a lick.”

Fle (me) says, “You crazy, ain’t but a dozen wimmin can sing worth a durn, but look at all them Ray Price types and Charlie Rich and Hank Williams, Sr/Jr/III…………

CB had a bad day at the ranch, lost them both; she was a champion in my life, however, with all the help to me whichout which I would not have been at Lunchbunch today.

My new camera worked perfectly…except the battery dried up and I started up the stairway to panic city, afraid the memory chip (little bittle memory chip) might flip out on me. CB ran into Radio Shack for one of each in Mount Orab.

Felt pretty good for the aftermath of a Lunch, by golly. Pain was pain, but the mind overwhelmed it, two falls to one and homeward bound was a pleasantness again. Startted with the Moody gathering last Monday in Kentucky.

I feel like I might be the healthiest corpse ever discovered inside hospice.

Go Fle Go!

Gigatoria sighs were heard throughout the Cincinnati apartment or CB and me on a semi-regular schedule for 3 hours at 20 after, 5 to, 12 to and, well, no one’s given me the rest of the schcdule yet.

Now comes the tough part for next Tuesday. It CB’s and my turn to choose… which means it’s me against CB and Bob… Help, Willie…. help me pull a choice out of the bag. Preferable where those bright green kiwis are served atop kobe steaks – I think they’ve made it accessible to wheelchairs.

I hope.


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February 16, 2012 at 11:29 pm

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