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John Chaffee, friend.

My bestest friend since 1963 is, in my studied estimation, JC, John Chaffee, by name who, when I first met him at WBRB in Mount Clemens, MI, where I’d gone to get out of the sticks and learn to use toilet paper, was a tall drink of what wearing beatle boots which I didn’t even know what they wuz and who could catch one of them old maual tuypewriters on fire writing one of them commercials they paid him for. Make a long story short we both worked her and there for the company for years. At first I made more money was was way more prestigious than JC. Poor him.  No contest at the end, though; he retired as president and is spending his retirement in resplendence. My polio dragged me down to retirement and I’m also living my retirement in resplendence. I love my friend and like nothing better than the occasional visits where the “old times” are center of conversation. He drove down Saturday for such a session. Then drove back to Cleveland so he could catch a plane for points south and a Super Bowl Party. I like to think my Super Bowl party was with him on Saturday. Good, very good to see you, my friend.

A Happy Cowboy!


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February 7, 2012 at 9:46 pm

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