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120126: Cesar at his best at Mi Camino Real; his reward? a luscious piece of Willie’s and Bob’s birthday cake, or, fruit tort, if you like. The more the merrier; the merrier it is the fewer headaches we have. (Mount Orab, OH)

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Willie through the rain to the restaurant. They were concerned about my leaving the house in the rain, but it worked out today. AND i found a source for waterproof SOCKS. Couldn't find the "color" switch on a new camera for most the the shoot. (fle. Mt Orab OH. 1/25/2012)

Don’t ever let anyone tell you Scrabble (copyright til you die) is low impact work. I got my butt pummeled three times a dozen and a half, and then again today at Mi Camino Real in Mount Orab. And only played two games. You shoulda been there to see the fiery gleem in Bob’s Eyes. Only person I ever met (well, practically) who can play a tough game and give rolling advice, free ‘o charge, to two other people at the table….and winning more than he’s losing.

CB (left) and Bob (right) go at it on the scrabbleboard (copyright til you die) at the restaurant to spare me a few gasps - thank all of you. (fle photo 1/26/2012. Mi Camino Real. Mt Orab. OH)

“Afterwards (We Scrabble [copyright til you die, lately at the restaurant because I can’t do marathons since I got out of the hospital here in Cincinnati a couple of months ago],” I beat nobody but they (Willie and Bob) beat me like an egg-suckin’ dog who cain’t even read much less play Scrabble (copyright til you die). Willie beat Bob and me, then lost to CB and Bob. She’s been kickin’ some serious butt of late. CB (she and I no longer – for a while – play each other because of me, of course) lost to Bob but beat the living daylights and a little dusk outa Willie. Good times: better than high school, I do declare and foreswear. Bob is the self-declared lunchbunch champion. I am the self-declared lunchbunch intellect. Willie is the self-declaired lunch bunch’s busiest tournament player. CB is acknowledged by many as being the organized scrabble’s (copyright til you die) most prolific news reporter.

Cesar, our friend and server who never says no. Is that why we like him? Is it? Not. (fle photo 1/26/2012)

Very quiet, yet always at the read to answer the calls of customers, assholes and otherwise, Cesar is, by unanimous agreement, the best doggone server and establishmentarian buddy of all the places we go. Truth is I would feel a lot better if I could remember his name from lunch to lunch. (Note to Bob: One excellent reason not to repeat Lunchbunch venues is to eliminate the problem of forgetting employees’ names, especially the ones we like.) Cesar is always there with a smile and an offer of help, including service.


Strangely, speaking for myself only, I didn’t care much for the food at Mi Camino Real during the first years, but have been habituated by the food now, seasoned with a couple of warm human souls, include Cesar.

Me the Fle - oxygen and all - sucking up drugs (oxygen) like sixty to pump some life my game, with no success, except we all still had fun, not always kind and genteel. (Photo by fle 1/26/2012 Mount Orab, OH)

Having a caregiver isn’t as it might seem at times: they always are trying to make your life safer and more comfortable, often in sharp contrast to your own plans. It was raining today. CB chose a place out by Bob’s where I could devan without getting drenched. We had planned on Lake Manor up north of Mt Orab. Where lazt time when I was just out of the hospital I couldn’t get out of my shotgun seat in the van even thought I tried like hell for an hour 15. Where the waitress came out with an apology for something she had nothing at all to do with. Where they brought me a bowl of soup I slurped down why chained to my beloved Tranq and where it took me another 20 minutes when we got home in Cincinnati before I could finally transfer to Junior, Jr (cherished 3 wheel battery-operated electric cart so I could flee to my comfy chair.

And so… Mexican it was! and I rediscovered it with a sampler plate of who knows what all.  Couldn’t eat it all even after sharing it with the crowd.

But that fruit tort birthday cake for Willie and Bob, now that was so special we all had to hold our hearts inside our chests fer a minit just till we got over the initial shock. Fresh fruit. On what tastes like hummingbird cake. The last one Servatii’s had! And $30 bucks to prove it.

Lunchbunch birthday cake (fruit tort made at Servatii's Bakery in Cincinnati near our home) in Mt Orab's Mi Camino Real for Willie (62) and Bob (68). (fle photo. Mt Orab OH. 1/26/2012)

Birthday party? Hehehe. Bob and Willie, both of them loading up with presents from the get-go, piled ceiling-high, trying helplessly to get th

Ooooh! I jes Luvvv this bean soup, Willie simpers. Thank you for the food we will eat. Bob. (flephoto. 1/26/2012. Mount Orab MI. Mi Camino Real)

e stuff to their cars.

Mennonite white bean soup, photo spreads of Shania Twain, Bob’s erstwhile favorite.  Texting for a year from Bob so we all can communicate more effectively, particularly since I don’t answer my phone very often – tires me out (and thattttt’s thu truuff).

The birth celebrants in full vivid color. Color, among my favorites at Mexican restaurants. (fle photo. 1/26/2012. Mt Orab OH)

With the dropping economy, we keep expecting the restaurant to have problems, but so far it keeps chugging along. Get a chance? Mi Camino Real, first exit on eastbound 32 in Mount Orab, left at the exit, left at the 2nd light, left one block from there, go to end of block and turn into the parking lot. Tell them you love ’em and they’ll hustle up grub you won’t know whether to hug or eat.

CB and me watching the happy celebrants do back flips in their minds. What a sight it would have been, esp. Bob. hehehe (bobphoto. 1/26/2012. Mi Camino Real. Mt Orab, OH)

Rained all day. Didn’t dim our fun, did it gals and guy?

Willie has a busy week but says she’ll be back in time or Lunchbunch Thusday. Meantime she’s going with half of Dayton to a tourney in Knoxville. And we’re banking on her to win enough to buy all of us in the Lunchbunch a drink or a limeade in two weeks.

Don’t know what I’d do without lunchbunch even if most of the photos today were inexplicably black and white until I finally figured out which switch to click for color.


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January 27, 2012 at 12:01 am

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  1. Lunchbunch category not uncategorized mi amigo and Caesar es his name not Cesar

    Bob De Tore

    January 27, 2012 at 1:05 am

    • Did I somehow miss the wonderful photo of you and CB??????????

      Bob De Tore

      January 27, 2012 at 2:37 pm

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