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Beavercreek offers up still another to the Lunchbunch: Joyas Bistro (June 30, 2011 Beavercreek OH)

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Another Lunchbunch. Another Lunchbunch in Beavercreek’s “The Green.” Another noteworthy adventure!

First off, CB and I got lost (GPS map of The Green area is inaccurate), causing us to be way past our 11:00 meeting time (to avoid lunchtime crowds). It was beautiful and inviting. Kimberly served us with style and helpfulness. Somebody back in the kitchen kept sending Kimberly out to our table with the message: “We’re out of that today.” “We can’t serve that today; sorry but the produce truck is days late.” My first two choices, 1) short ribs soup and 2) Italian peppers, were unavailable.

So much of their menu was not available I was reminded of an African restaurant (no longer extant) where out of a couple of dozen items on the menu, it usually turned out only a couple were available, like the only offering they had was their special of the day.

Got so frustrating Joyas’ assistant manager finally came over, apologized and offered us half off our lunch, which was a pretty good deal since the bill totaled just over a hundred dollars.

Still, except for the antipasto which was high on price and short on size, the food was excellent and well-prepared.

Thankfully, we had a window table which blocked out most of the hoozah from the table next door where they were celebrating the life/birthday/retirement of a loved one/co-worker/casual acquaintance.

I particularly enjoyed this prints of farms, ideal source of our lunches. (flephoto. Beavercreek OH. 110630)

I was a sucker for some of the artistic touches. Good for the soul, I allus say. (flephoto. Beavercreek OH. 110630)

In spite of its severe food shortage, patrons crowded Joyas for a chance to be refused their favorite luncheon treat. (flephoto. Beavercreek OH. 110630)


And after it was all over, Kimberly came over to pose with us for our weekly portrait. (flephoto. Beavercreek OH. 110630)


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