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Perhaps THE BEST so far: Sultan’s Mediterranean Cuisine in West Chester, Ohio (Lunchbunch 5/05/2011)

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Sultan's Mediterranean (Turkish) Cuisine, 7305 Tylers Corner Drive, West Chester, OH. (513) 847.1535.

I crybabied all the way to Lunchbunch yesterday. It was Cinco de Mayo. It was my turn to choose a restaurant. I couldn’t find a Mexican Restaurant (other than fast food or pretend-Mexican) that we had not hit on at least once. For reasons unknown to me or anyone else I chose a Turkish eatery. After all, is pide (pita) bread a lot like flour tortilla bread?

An owner most amiable and our server overdelighted to be of our service. Yes, we did present our most heartfelt thanks wrapped in a small bankroll.

Self-loathing filled Tranq the Van to the  brim, pouring out of me as we drove down Cox Road, as we desperately looked for Sultan’s before we found it was down an alley and behind this little strip shopping strip.

Appetizer course for four, said the menu. Okay, we replied, we'll bite. And did we ever!

Another not wonderful harbinger.

Until we all got our butts in and our legs under the table.

Baklava so good, they should use it for prizes at major Scrabble (copyright til you die) tournaments. Easily a 10!

Until we got our teeth around some of the food and discovered that Sultan’s has the best Mediterranean food I’ve ever eaten.

Don’t even care whether it’s genuine or Americanized.

It was wonderful.

Momma, come get yore baby boy!

Hardly had time for all the gossip we had all ready: Bob’s wife Joyce is leaving today for Minnesota to visit her friend. He’ll be driving a loaner from a friend of Lunchbunch; Willie has been running ragged to eradicate mould in her house; CB had half a dozen birthday parties celebrating her 70th birthday, including a visit to the Cirque du Soleil now playing on Coney Island just outside Cincinnati; and I (who helped her celebrate) have spent a lot to time recovering. Also, I finally found a shoe repair place to replace three broken zippers on my multi-talented purse.

My yule gift to Willie in 2011 is a “pen of the month” payable every month.” May’s pen is a keychain retractable that CB picked up for me at Cirque du Soleil!

Bob also got one, but he can’t take his home; he can only play with it on Lunchbunch days’ Afterwords.


Still haven't got all my labels right yet. I ordered the best meat on the plate only to find it was good but not THE best that I had thought it was. Do you recognize the prop person?

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Afterwords was another hoot. Wee Willie struggled mightily all day to make Bob and I “behave our tongues and manners.” Bob and I struggled mightily to jump the traces all day “because they were there.”

CB exhibited exemplary behavior and, bless her heart, not one expletive about the hauling about of my oxygen, Scrabble (copyright til you die) board and throne chair. Except, of course, you want to count her encounter in the West Chester Library where she kicked a guy out of his place because he was sitting at the only good table in the common room. He left and two minutes later Bob came by with news of the opening of a private room. So we left a perfectly empty table.

Technically, I'm told (thanks, Bob, in advance) this was chicken noodle soup in which the noodles were a novelty to us all.

We had a perfectly(?) good time in the (temporarily reassigned) Scrabble (copyright til you die) room.

Bob seems to be the only one of us with so much time on his hands that he can spend literally minutes a day memorizing new

words and rememorizing old words; he beats most of the three of the rest of us most of the time.

Yesterday was no exception, although Wee-Willie almost kept up with him. Bob had 3 wins and 1 loss. Willie had 2 wins and one loss. I had 1 win and 3 losses. CB’s was a bad luck day. No wins and three losses.


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May 6, 2011 at 6:40 pm

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