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Birthdays: From None to One to One MORE and Then There were Seventy! (April 28, 2011) (CB’s Birthday)

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Seems to me that April was the season of birthing a while ago, which would make July the rutting month for a lot of moms and dads sixty – to – seventy years ago. And every one of us gets to get presents and praise and cake on that special once a year day.

CB turns seventy April 28th. On the 27th for her birthday I got to eat beer-fed Kobe steak for the first (and probably only) time in my life. I think she was scared off by the absence of a price on the menu, only “Market” which is pretty much an ominous threat that you’d better have some extra fifties in your shoe. The market on my kobe steak was $72. Big surprise to me was thatis her steak (2 ounces bigger at less than half the price) was just as tender and almost as good as the kobe.

Sun rays from above pulling gold from Cincinnati soil, CB's marigolds, a birthday gift from Bob, beginning their march across CB's flower bed.

A high-fallutin kind of place it was – Carlo and Johnny’s in Cincinnati. Reminded me of steak houses I’ve grazed through in over half a dozen states and 40 years. Lots of black and low interior lights (I could hardly read the menu) to disguise blemishes and it works; the place was impressive and the severe black and whites were almost, also.

Service aint the same, though, is it? Here we were in a  high class joint so expensive I had to float a loan to pay for it and the first person (after the water glass filler person) who came to the table to show us how well he had memorized the menu for the day and commenced in his sing song way to shoot rapid fire until his mouthful of ammunition was exhausted. Memorized because I heard the same presentation twice later in the evening and it was the same presentation, good, or bad, enough to have been a tape recording.

Tried a fried cheese salad  – I liked it; CB didn’t, and lobster chowder for which I may have seen an honorable mention in the sideboard over there in the service bar.


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April 28, 2011 at 11:21 am

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