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Cherry! Cherry! Easter Week; Easter Flavors. (Lunchbunch Tues, Apr 19, 2011. Cherry House Cafe, Beavercreek, OH: 6.28

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Somewhere between Cincinnati and Dayton on I-75 had the flood actually been cats and dogs, we'd have had nourishment for a lifetime (Just kidding, Bob & Willie)!

It rained all over this April 19th Tuesday. Perhaps the gods were angry at our changing our little Lunchbunch klatch from Thursday (Willie was off Wednesday for another Scrabble tournament in Gatlinburg; the week before Bob and I Lunchbunched on Tuesday so CB and I could get to the Richfield tourney on time.). Perhaps they’d heard my imprecations on Saturday when I’d missed a winning Scrabble play in Richfield, Ohio. Perhaps the World was simply filthy and it was time for an Earthwash. I do know it rained and it rained. With the gusto of religious fervor. It rained as Tranq roostertailed his way all the way up Interstate 75 to Dayton. It rained as we dined under the guidance of Chelsea the server.

Shivers to Sugar!

Server Chelsea wringing her hands in glee in anticipation of meeting the renowned Lunchbunch and catering to our every whim of which let there be said there are many and then still many more.

Strangely conflicted, says Chelsea, is owner Annette Mangan who, though a vegetarian, serves much meat in Cherry House. Why? "Capitalism," smiles Chelsea in her Sunday gratuity accepting demeanor.

It rained as we charged through the doors to the parking lot, umbrellas not up to saving both Junior, Jr and me.

CB (inside) and Willie (yellow) load the sodden throne chair for the trip to Afterwords at the Beavercreek Library.

It rained as we drove to the Beavercreek Library. It rained as we skated through the waves to the shelter built on the backs of the city’s rather-large contingent of intelligentsia. It rained and it rained and it rained. And we still had armfuls of laughter and wet curls full up with fun.

As Hank Williams used to sing "A Picture from Life's Other Side."

Strange when you can have so much fun in face of what normally might have been party pooping problems: 1) sandwiches on stale bread, 2) dust-dry potato salad, 3) ice in my pop (can’t have it; can’t do it!), 4) butterscotch-less butterscotch cookie, 5) recurring absent-mindedness of our charming server Chelsea, 6) you get the picture. In spite of the dinky stuff, it was a boisterously pleasant time.

Physically, Cherry House Cafe reminded me mightily of Miss Molly’s Bakery & Cafe in Farmersville down to the fresh, clean, shining faces of the owners: Annette in Beavercreek and Miss Molly in Farmersville. While we had great fun at the Cherry House, Miss Molly’s without a doubt served far superior sandwiches and desserts.

Willie shows off some new tricks she has learned at the pool lately while CB looks on in .. utterly fascinated.

It rained birthday gifts for me from Willie who had forsaken me, my birthday even, for her unflagging devotion to Scrabble (copyright til you die): roadkill sausage (can’t wait for my next dietoff day), pure-dee Vermont maple syrup, two great ballpoint pens (to name them is to diminish them) to add to my alienlike collection of collections and a uniquely appropriate gaseous birthday card to this “ole fart”:

Knowing I've never met a writing instrument I didn't like, Willie searched far and dug deep to find a couple of gems. Here's the angel (Who besides Willie woulda ever thought to give ME an angel 🙂 ). I love them both.

This ballpoint pen from Willie seems to be a combination of clown and criminal/satan. Knew she'd have to dilute that angel.

It rained snicker doodles from Willie down on all of us who grabbed one (well, okay “I” grabbed one) in appreciation.

Don’t tell me there’s no Easter Bunny. She has a bag in one hand with all her goodies and a phone in the other presssed tightly against her ear under the bright yellow hood of generosity.

Bob and CB enjoyed beating up on Willie and me Afterwords at the Beavercreek Library. Bob won 3. CB 2. Me 1. Willie none. After running up the flag 3 days earlier in Richfield (5-2) I thought I’s gonna make mincemeat of them all. Which proves one thing, but damned if I know what that one thing is.

The triple threat of the team (Bob, CB & Willie) under attack by vicious menus and inadequate answers.

Willie picked. CB paid. Willie tipped and swept up the leftovers for long-suffering John waiting every so patiently at home.

Next week is Bob’s pick. Willie pays. Bob tips.

Husband John musta had a feast when Willie laid these "leftovers" on his table last night.

And that’s the way it wuz! Or was it the way it woulda been if dreams came true?

The terrifying trio (CB, Willie n Bob - plus strange unidentified lady) break loose from their bonds set by staff members of the Beavercreek Library to rescue the throne chair and sit it free to come back ... to me.


Written by frankieleeee

April 22, 2011 at 12:51 pm

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