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Sure Cure to Cabin Fever: One of Christopher’s Scrabble Tournaments in Hudson, Ohio (1/22-23/2011)

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The Clarion Inn and Convention Center is where we stay and play in Hudson Ohio. Christopher has a nutzoid system for figuring out winners and losers. It's funlike! Two days. My tone will probably change significantly by tomorrow night, given my proclivity for losing here. CB likes the restaurant's rare hamburgers. I like their brave bulls and blueberry bread pudding. Play starts at noon which is why I have time for this nonsense.

(Saturday 8:30am) Just got a phone call from Elaine Glowniak who has been forced to cancel her Hudson weekend.  No, strangely enough, not by thearctic-like weather in Ortonville, but by a faulty electrical system which keeps the drinking water for her chickens from freezing. “To come to Hudson, attractive as it is, would be a death sentence for my chickens,” she moaned softly. “Oh, darn!”

Scrabble (copyright til you die) standings (for future betting purposes) are carefully copied onto a wallsheet by Chris. (Photo by Frankie 1/22/2011 in Hudson, Ohio)

(Sunday 8:43am) 15 hardy souls turned out to compete for a share of the riches of Scrabble (copyright til you die) in Hudson. I should be ashamed of myself for playing so horribly but I was way too busy having fun to notice (yeah, right!) the psychic pain of losing.

The world of Summit Open XXVIII standings after Round 7 according to Dan Stock!
Place. Name (Seed): Won-Lost,Cume — Rating Before ± Change => Estimated
Rating After
1st. Daniel Stock (#2): 5-2,+743 — 1664 + 8 => 1672
2nd. Lou Cornelis (#1): 5-2,+678 — 1888 – 9 => 1879
3rd. Heather Steffy (#4): 5-2,+221 — 1551 + 12 => 1563
4th. Connie Breitbeil (#8): 5-2,-40 — 1262 + 54 => 1316
5th. Lilla Sinanan (#5): 4-3,+407 — 1445 – 14 => 1431
6th. Pat Hardwick (#11): 4-3,+122 — 1155 + 15 => 1170
7th. Walter Konicki (#13): 4-3,+21 — 1115 + 44 => 1159
8th. Pete Zeigler (#3): 4-3,+1 — 1584 – 3 => 1581
9th. Michael Bassett (#10): 4-3,-49 — 1164 + 8 => 1172
10th. Kevin McCarthy (#6): 4-3,-98 — 1433 + 0 => 1433
11th. Terry Oblander (#9): 3-4,+19 — 1261 – 21 => 1240
12th. Joyce Stock (#14): 3-4,-204 — 865 + 10 => 875
13th. Frank Lee (#7): 2.5-4.5,-20 — 1315 – 23 => 1292
14th. Christopher Sheppard (#12): 2-5,-482 — 1117 – 25 => 1092
15th. Drew Perry (#15): 1.5-5.5,-517 — 855 – 17 => 838
16th. Daniel Roll (#16): 0-7,-802 — 495 – 27 => 468

Stocky (Dan Stock) and Missus (Joyce) Stock celebrate jubilantly after receiving a coveted boy/girl scout award (helping hands) from tournament director Chris Sheppard. This award came in the shape of a medium-to-big sized key to the city. I believe the inscription reads "In Stockies we trust." (L-R Drew Perry, Joyce Stock, Dan Stock, fragment of the blue sweater of Walter Konicki). (Photo by Frankie 1/22/2011 in Hudson, Ohio)

CB (Connie Breitbeil), brightly colored to match my University of Tennessee board, went 5-2 Saturday to qualify for the 2nd tier playoffs today. Her only regret Saturday was not meeting, greeting and beating my arse, I'm told. Lilla Sinanan and Terrt Oblander in left background) (Photo by Frankie 1/22/2011 in Hudson OH)

Christopher (you can call me Chris) Sheppard, captain of the brave ship Clarion carefully scrutinizes papers of the passengers to ensure that each takes the proper seat and receives fair recompense for her/his day of work. (Photo by Frankie 1/22/2011 in Hudson OH)

Joyce and Michael Bassett were caught surreptitiously flicking these little electronic gadgets out of their pockets for a look-see all day, frantically punching buttons and staring at the glare of screens, then breaking out into big wide grins. If only they could attach them to our brains, they were allegedly heard to say. (L-F Joyce, Michael, back of Lilla Sinanan's head - maroon sweater playing Scrabble (copyright til you die), Pete Zeigler, Pat Hardwick). (Photo by Frankie 1/22/2011 in Hudson, Ohio).

Daniel Roll, a Hoosier, looks relaxed and confident as he strolls to his next game. While Saturday was a tough day, win and loss - wise, Daniel knows it's only a matter of time. (L-R Drew Perry, Walter Konicki, Daniel Roll, Terry Oblander)(Photo by Frankie 1/22/2011 in Hudson, Ohio)

GOOD MORNING, HUDSON!!! Kevin McCarthy imparting a tiny measure of the wisdom he has accumulate through the years. To all who will listen. Listening closely are Drew Perry (partially obscured by chair) Daniel oll and Terry Oblander. Photo by Frankie 1/22/2011 in Hudson, Ohio)

Nabbed! Joyce checking the fabulous handheld machine that fills her mind with the wonders of the possibilities of our game Scrabble (copyright til you die). (Photo by Frankie 1/22/2011 in Hudson, Ohio)

Overhearing conversation, a most intense conversation, between Kevin McCarthy and Michael Bassett through the arch of the underarm of Christopher Sheppard. Photo by Frankie 1/22/2011 in Hudson, Ohio)

Lilla looks on as Chris the controller of Scrabble (copyright til you die) pulls out yet another of his award ribbons to teach us a great lesson: your bountiful rewards are earthly and cometh from Chris Sheppard's footlocker. (Photo by Frankie 1/22/2011 in Hudson, Ohio)

In from the cold comes a shivering Drew Perry who drew me to a tie game yesterday. From Seven Hills, Ohio, Drew is seen rushing past Walter Konicki, also from Seven Hills. True warriors they are, in the tradition of their ancestors who descended from the Seven Hills of Rome. Photo by Frankie 1/22/2011 in Hudson, Ohio)

Heather Steffy gracing me with one of her trademark smiles. Question always is: is the smile full of grace that will cast a star-studded blanket of peace upon my soul for days to come, OR is that a gleam of THE OTHER sort where I'll be lucky to drag my tortured and depressed butt out of bed tomorrow unable to recover from a Heather drubbing the day before, such as that I received from her on January 22, 2011. Never a letdown on the smile; never a letup on the coarsely braided bullwhip. Photo by Frankie 1/22/2011 in Hudson, Ohio)

Lilla and Lou pause to compare notes of the double whammy of their successes over those crackerbarrel Scrabble (copyright til you die) players in Ohio. Lilla got my number and mangled it almost beyond recognition. Photo by Frankie 1/22/2011 in Hudson, Ohio)

Pete Zeigler apparently hasn't had nearly enough suffering the last year or two, so he's back in law school, living in its library by night and its classrooms by day. Pete, too, cleaned my clock and taught me not to get too far above my raisin'!. (Note Pete's all "blinged out" for his latest adventure with a solid gold necklace and who knows what all else). Photo by Frankie 1/22/2011 in Hudson, Ohio)

Lou Cornelis who came slumming down the pike from Hamilton, Ontario, had a great time Saturday and wound up the day in the top two (Dan Stock is the other half) who will duel it out for tourney victor today. Lou is the highest rated player in the tournament. Photo by Frankie 1/22/2011 in Hudson, Ohio)

And now, Walter Konicki, march yourself to the rear of the classroom, young man, and SIT for 15 minutes or until you learn to say pleeeaaassse when attempting to bribe a Scrabble (copyright til you die) judge. You also are hereby ordered to forfeit the 27-cents intended for a bribe. (L-R: Daniel oll, Lou Cornelis - back of gray shirt, Walter - walking to back of classroom, Chris Sheppard - barely visible from behind Walter, Connie Breitbeil, CB - far corner, Heather Steffy - talking to CB and Kevin McCarthy, Photo by Frankie 1/22/2011 in Hudson, Ohio)

Walter, hanging his head in disgust for having gotten caught by the secret Scrabble (copyright til you die) detectives who were imported from Texas to avoid detection. Photo by Frankie 1/22/2011 in Hudson, Ohio)

Calling Chris. Hey Chris. Yo Chris. Even heidy-ho Chris. Congratulations on an excellent 1st half of our journey in Scrabble (copyright til you die) Adventure Land. Let's do 'er again today (Sunday). (L-R: Daniel Roll, Lou Cornelis and Christopher Sheppard, pirate captain). Photo by Frankie 1/22/2011 in Hudson, Ohio)


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January 22, 2011 at 1:46 pm

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