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“To Grandma’s House We Go.” December 24, 2010

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Waiting for consumption: roast beef, green beans, stuffing, mashed potatoes and lots of high caloric fuel. (See Blair peeking through the glasses at the farrrrr end of the table? She is a hungry girl)

CB serving up a Yule feast on Christmas Eve. Odd similarities. (L-R Jack, CB, and Trey)

Gina and Blair.

A member of the clean hands club: Jack.

Brothers waiting for to eat. Trey (left). Jack (right). CB (deep background).

Apple juice was the liquid of choice for toasting, unanimously for absence of ill-health and bad luck in the year 2-thousand-twelve. So far, with the new year, only hours away, prospects remain steadily optimistic.

Don’t make another move toward that cookie plate, mister. Not one! (Jack)

If play is training for adulthood, Blair will definitely be an expert!

Blair and babydoll. Hard work, but somebody’s got to do it!

Gramma takes a minute to deep-breathe between rounds of gift bombardment.

A shadow of calm softly settles over the party… for about a tenth of a second!

Obviously, the Breitbeil’s  next James Dean! (L-R: Gina, Jack and Rick)

Gina & CB look into the face of Santa!

How quickly those beautiful “presents” become a knee-deep heap of scrap paper. (L-R: Mona (hands), Jack, Rick, Trey, Blair & Gina)

Gramma jumps into the frenzy.

Gifts flew faster and faster. Hand to hand, at first. That, as the excitement grew, thru the air. Towels and footies for Gramma. Beer for Frank. A camping tent (which was too small) and a hand steamer for Mona. Legos and Leap Frog and a learning computer for Trey & Jack. Dolls, a learn your letters and numbers kinda-computer for Blair. A “lights up when you pull out the pen” notepad for Gina. A heavy duty (not to mention big-assed) snow and ice scraper for Rick and Gina. An atomic (always has the correct time) alarm clock for Rick. And a whole bunch of more stuff I don’t remember what it was or who it was for right now (if you respond to this blog with more who got what and/or from whom, I’ll add it on – fle)

Richard the III hugged by Richard the II.

The party was covered quite thoroughly, thank you, with the amateur publicity efforts of Rick (video) (here seen shooting his sister opening a glittery gift box with a cane on top) and me (too often not very) stills.

Taking center stage, Rick regaled us with stories of his car which he has driven for months without benefit of a reverse gear (Don’t ask me how which I suspect is the reason: the challenge of how). “After a narrow escape this week, I’ve decided, once and for all, says Cincinnati’s premier clothier, to put a battery in my other car which does have a reverse and, even more significantly, to DRIVE it. Yessir, no more coasting backwards down hills, across driveways and public streets to go forward.” We shall see, Rick. We shall see.

While everybody else pauses for a breath of air, Gramma gets to open one.

A sampling of the holiday decorations with which CB blanketed the party apartment. And a partridge flew up the chimney, willy-nilly, you silly.



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