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All Hail the Conquerette! Hail, yeah! November 23, 2010

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The group of four slowly staggered into Butterbee’s Neighborhood Grille. On the near southside of Mount Orab, OH. A motley crew it would appear. Nothing special. Lucky, they felt, to be admitted to the inner sanctum where crazed country lads and ladies two-stepped to the rhythm of 31 – I’m pretty sure it was 31 – blaring HDTV screens during the NFL halftime, any NFL halftime. A site normally hidden from prying outside eyes – even Bob the persistent had never before been allowed past the front guardpost and his wife works at the library fer chrissake! Obviously a well-fortified sports bar protects its own from the invasive and hostile stares of outsiders.

, Bob [had all a-blur), and CB [applauding a tale Willie brought back from her recent sojourn to the Northeastern United States).Members of the Lunchbunch have been forced to learn to talk politely when our mouths (very often) filled with soup and bread and cheese. We all have become somewhat proficient with “sign” language and pidgin English, to wit, pointing, snapping fingers, banging fists on table, shaking and nodding heads, and frequent grunting which most of us can interpret some of the time, and, almost as often, accurately.”]

Totally unaware of the elaborate celebration and reception awaiting her within, Wee Willie tentatively tests the door of Butterbee's Neighborhood Grille in Mount Orab, Ohio, hoping this is the day our kind will be allowed inside!

It’s not difficult to see, dear reader – is it? – that we were thrown completely off-stride, nonplussed, as it were, by this seeming paradox. Royalty could not have received a warmer reception. Molly B. came over, all smiles and graceful radiance. “How wonderful to see you!” she murmured. “We are most honored to welcome you today. May I give you all hugs? We do that for extraordinary visitors, you know.” She proudly, if meekly, handed each of us a menu – we had expected to be asked to share one, two at the most. She then reverentially stepped back from us, bowing, as:

The house lights lowered, the beer signs dimmed, all 31 TV screens went blank, and just as we reached for our weapons – those who had not forgotten them –  prepared to defend our little group to the death from predators who would, we feared, deprive us of lunch – a spotlight, bright as Ole Sole who shone outside, shattered the darkness as it shot straight at and landed smackdown on


Our Willie

Heroine of the Lunchbunch

Conquerette of Vermont Scrabble (copyright til you die). Queen of the 5th Annual Green Mountain Scrabble (copyright til you die). Who plundered Essex, Vermont, to the tune of $450 and a bottle of… of … dare we say it aloud? … of  genuine Vermont Maple Syrup and a hand-knitted beanie kinda thingee fer her head and stuff! And heaven forbid that all would be revealed to our astonishment and horror!

(There just might be cosmic justice: She went home to Vermont to find more frustration and delays of sorts; her home state compensated by honoring her Scrabble (copyright til ye die) prowess. For a minute, leastwise, looked like a decent tradeoff!)

Pale from the waves of adulation pouring in from every direction, complete with Sousa marching band, free drinks and appetizers, and back-slapping all around, the Lunchbunch pose for Molly B., who doubled as our camera operator. Note the color from all our countenances.


“A hearty Butterbee’s midday welcome to Queen Willie and her honor guard,” roared the hearty voice behind the huge speakers. “Our most sincere applause and laudation Welcome and our thanks for gracing our humble establishment so soon after your success of two short days ago. And thank you for driving all the way from Englewood, Ohio, this morning to be with your friends and us on this special occasion.”

Lights up. TVs on. Beer signs brighten.

What a surprise! Obviously and deviously planned by our host for the day – Bob who was so excited by Willie’s success that he eagerly launched negotiations to accompany her on her next trip home to Vermont (the other two of us had “lunch” in Enosburg falls two years ago – Bob had missed that one because of illness [He was ‘sick’ of traveling]. You should have seen the excitement bouncing all over his countenance, etcetera.

CB and I sat, strangely quiet about our own weekend Scrabble (copyright til you die) undertakings in Flint MI where fur didn’t fly and birds didn’t sing out cheery congratulatory tunes, although John Denver could clearly be heard singing softly in the background “Some days are diamonds; some days are stone.”

After the tumult died down, Molly B. casually walked over and suggested we give her our orders before the noon rush of regulars and gawkers. What a natural.

Brown County, Ohio's 3 queens. Two if for Scrabble (copyright til you die) and one if for service (from soup to pie)

And so it was, Bob had found a “new” spot in Brown County which had really good pumpkin pie (Bob votes “nay”). The rest of the food was common fare, except for Willie’s pecan touchdown salad, and not of great note nor to be long remembered. Still, we all liked it a lot.

We're missing (oh, poo!) photos of 1) side order of chili cheese fries - fle - below average; 2) breaded and deep-fried dill pickles - willie, bob, fle - pretty good. I've graded everything in an effort to spur responses from the rest of the crew. These are my own of which I am so very proud. Often, however, Bob grades lower than I while Willie and CB grade higher. Extrapolation pulled out of my butt would be food grades: fle 4, Bob 3, Willie 7 and CB 7. (That should hook 'em!

A good 8 experience is my take based on comments from all of us.

Thence to Afterwords at the Mount Orab Branch of the Brown County Public Library, one of my favorites of all the libraries we’ve Scrabbled (copyright til you die) in over the years. Perhaps because I like being their book garbage guy, scarfing up all those fine volumes so vital to the world of high literature that they’ve been folded, spindled, AND mutilated.

Earrings made from 9mm shell casings could lead one to wonder exactly to what lengths would/did Willie go to shut down her Vermont Scrabble (copyright til you die) opponents in her race for the gold!

Hey, Bob: GLEED! LEHR!

Unfortunately for her, Willie’s weekend streak of luck didn’t hold up til Tuesday: Bob was 3-0, I was 2-1, CB was 1-2 & Willie 0-3! Ain’t it how it allus happens? Like playing a bingo then drawing an Ole McDonald rack. Willie had to tear out to get to Trivia Night in Englewood on time. Bob found a couple of books about jazz, blues and such, which I glomped on.

It occurs to me after a day of timeout with the Lunchbunch that once we've "grown up," we spend the rest of our lives searching for our own childhood or another! Seems like to me!

Bob left for the giant Kroger for some glompagola, probably. And we shot out of the parking lot like a rocket, programmed for some undisclosed rendezvous in Western Hills.


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November 26, 2010 at 2:19 pm

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  1. This is the last sports bar I select..


    December 1, 2010 at 4:10 pm

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