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Oh, yes, we are the Lunchbunch! (Doo-wop! Doo-wop!) (October 28, 2010)

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Outside of his wife Joyce, Bob’s favorite things in life could be summed up in two words: food and the music they call doo-wop (because so many of the songs have backup repeating over and over “doo-wop, doo-wop”). And the twain met last Thursday at the Two Rivers Restaurant in the General Butler Kentucky State Park in Carrollton: The Lunchbunch meets The Aquatones.

And the winner is….


Okay, me, too!

The scene of the crime: Two Rivers Restaurant at the top of a steep hill/mini-mountain in the General Butler State Park in Carrollton, Kentucky. Bob is trembling with anticipation (or would be if this picture hadn't been taken 'after' our lunch cum visit).

The daily buffet at the restaurant is somewhere between very good and excellent. The peach pie was a 10. The rest probably averaged somewhere between 6.5 and 7. However, all three of us ate as if all of it rated a 9.9!

Dr. David Goddard who has definitely not lost his gift for story telling nor his ability to hold the interest of his audience (Bob and me). Dave, a retired research engineer, songwriter, singer and member of the orginal Aquatones (Long Island, NY) whose 1958 song, "You," reached #21 on the national pop charts. It was to be the one and only hit the group recorded. The group drifted away from the recording studio in the sixties and its members remained apart until a decade ago when they got together again to record and to appear on PBS and in Madison Square Garden (Only Dave remains from the original group). Obviously, the clock did not reset after their first fifteen minutes of fame.

The original Aquatones featuring their hit song "You." Dave Goddard is 2nd from left. Sad story: Dave and other members of the Aquatones were so sure they'd be touring during the summer of 1958 in the wake of the popularity of their hit "You" that they eschewed summer "day jobs." Screw ups and guess who got the screwing? The boys and Lynne were never sent to a single promotional concert. The only gigs they got were those they did for free. Except for Dick Clark. How sad is that? Sounds like the same kind of treatment musicians of all sorts have been getting at greedy hands of promoters, managers, record companies and any one else who can squeeze through enough to stick their fingers in the profit pie.

Blendena (Yes, that's the correct spelling of her name) was our server. She tried her best to still smile broadly when we still sat at our table after lunch hours had ended at 2:30. Dave has written most of Aquatone's songs. He also has learned multi-track recording and can, singing and playing alone, come out sounding like Gary Lewis' Playboys on speed!

Blendena. "...with service and smiles for all..." Named after her late grandmother.

Bob was wearing his brand new gazillion dollar glasses, seeing clearly, perhaps, for the first time since he moved out of town. Very possibly the first time he had clearly "seen" where he lived. No Shania on Bob's shirt; for Bob that's like dressing in a tux!

After Blendena kicked us out of the dining room we retired to the hotel's spacious "great" room which looks out upon a spectacular (especially in the fall) panorama of the surrounding forests. We were a tad puzzled by repeated billows of white smoking rising in the distance almost as though, Dave remarked, they were smoke signals.

Bob and Dave doing what we all seemed to do quite well that day, talk. Dave brought some Aquatone (new and old groups) to which to listen. Bob and I listened. I was particularly struck by a compilation of tapes and rehearsals and studio work which dates back to the mid-to-late fifties. I think Bob has just about everything available from them already.

I went along "for the ride" to see what interested Bob so much about the Aquatones and wound up buying a bunch of his CDs for gifts. I can't discribe them because the people who will receive them more than likely will read this before they receive their music. Truth to tell, I probably dominated the conversation more than Bob, less than Dave. A good time was had by all. I'm sorry Willie and CB couldn't be there. Willie was out galavanting in Vermont and environs; CB was home taking a nap and resting up from me, or was that preparing an apartment for a new tenant? hehehe

I paid. Bob tipped. Willie should return next week; it’s her turn to choose. CB’s turn to pay. Willie’s turn to tip.


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October 31, 2010 at 3:34 pm

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  1. What an honor and privilege that he was willing to give so much of his time to the small lunch bunch. Boy do I wish it had happened when I was available. Would have been a memory to treasure. Of course all lunch bunches are. Hehehe Willie


    November 2, 2010 at 1:25 pm

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