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Au Revoir, NOLA!

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Shannon McNally & Hot Sauce. Country and blues: what a concept!

Problem with good times is the bluesy mood that follows them. And so it is on this Monday, a kind of wistfulness as we pack Tranq and head back to Cincinnati and Lathrup Village.

Yesterday’s Crescent City music was as good as it gets. Mem Shannon, Shannon McNally and Jon Cleary – three superb musicians/entertainers held me in their thrall easy as pie. I wuz mesmerized, hynotized and baptized in the beauty of their musical manipulations.

The day ended with an hourlong search all over hell and gone for some genuine Louisiana food nd when we found it (but none of us can remember the name of the restaurant) we scored a 9.5! Shrimp fried. Shrimp in sauce (roumelade?). Shrimp in gumbo. And enough for breakfast today, too. Food heaven’s entrance is Louisiana.

While CB and I rollicked and rolled to the tunes in Lafayette Park Square, Don caught a taxi and discovered wonders – music and otherwise – in other parts of the city, making me a tad envious, although he did bring me a pin for my hate, one of a fleur-de-lis, symbol of New Orleans, especially the New Orleans Saints football team.

Physically, I think this oxygen made it possible for me to manage the trip. Although it’s been unbelievably exhausting, the sights and music and sense of adventure and discovery have masked my own physical shortcomings, for the most part. I did have one fall, in Tranq, which created some hysteria (in me) and resulted in some bruised ribs. I feel this trip has been a marvelous gift to me and I can’t thank CB & Don enough for their help, encouragement and forbearance.

I gotta get off this computer and get myself showered and girded for the trip home.

Even the bicycles dress up in New Orleans

Darryl Young used his own skin for a Saints' Jersey. Darryl teaches dance to young people.

There's always a backside, eh?

John Cleary, best damn pianist I've heard/seen in a while, autographing CDs after his set.

Mem Shannon used to drive a taxi in New Orleans, a blues moral conscience, writes powerful "message" lyrics, e.g., "The Wrong People are in Charge."

Mem Shannon headshot from the other edge of the crowd. Not bad for a point-and-shoot!

Some people went to the Blues Festival to watch football in the beer tent.

Tranq posed in front of porta-potties, among the most popular attractions at the festival.

Yet another metaphor!


Written by frankieleeee

October 18, 2010 at 2:52 pm

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