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Don’t ask me what we’re “really” looking for in the corners and crannies of the blues-tinged Magnolia State, but this week we have joyfully joined the not quite teeming throngs of blues tourists in the quest for new insights and truths. Columbus Day was also a day of discovery from this traveling trio. We began at the Best Western Motel in West Helena, Arkansas, and ended up 8 hours or so later at the Super 8 in Indianola (of B. B. King fame).

I found his inch-wide beauty waving alone in the parking lot of West Helena’s Best Western Motel; we’ve made reservations for next year’s stay.

Robert Nighthawk was the father of the late Sam Carr, drummer for the Jelly Roll Kings; this year the last remaining member of the group, Big Jack Johnson was hospitalized and couldn’t perform.

Muddy Waters lived for years on the Stovall Plantation near Clarksdale before breaking the chains of his enslavement to the land with a sudden burst of the blues

Near the homesite of Muddy Waters on the Stovall Plantation.

It is true, say some, Robert Johnson chose to be a great blues musician at the cost of his soul: a deal with the devil “at the crossroads” of Highways 49 and 61!

Shelby, Mississippi, birthplace of bluesman Henry Townsend.

Almost every community we visit is obviously not wallowing in riches. Poverty clings to these parts of Mississippi like kudzu to a hillside.

Shelby MS. A juke joint?

Po Monkey juke joint in Merigold MS, seems to be primarily a tourist attraction dressed down to look authenticate even though its entertainment often are strippers and not the blues.

Shaw MS, birthplace of David “Honeyboy” Edwards who is still playing the blues in his 90s.

Never have I before seen a police car in a junkyard. Only in Shaw MS.

Storefront museums dot the blues landscape

Everywhere we go we see murals and we like them

Side of Highway 61 Blues Museum in Leland MS

Greenville MS. Does is nationally famous for its steaks and tamales.

And there was more. A full Columbus Day. But I gotta run!


Written by frankieleeee

October 12, 2010 at 2:53 pm

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